Biometrics In Action: 4 Fingerprint Gadgets From Chinavasion

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.3.2015. | 21:55

In one of our previous posts, we talked about the great powers and potential of biometrics (4 Ways Biometric Technology Is Changing Our Lives). So it only seemed logical to round up the biometric devices we have right here at Chinavasion. Fingerprint devices seem to take the cake when it comes to popularity and are widely used in conventional security and safety gadgets, as well as the new generation of smartphone and tablets.

Having been an important part of forensic evidence for years, these days fingerprint scanning has become quite commonplace and we actually do it voluntarily, rather than under the watchful eye of a policeman.

Fingerprint devices are widely used for personal security purposes and we have prepared a selection of such devices, featuring fingerprint scanners, that can help keep your possessions and privacy safe.

Portable Security Box


We start with a device that probably exists in every household already – but, perhaps, in a simpler format. No matter how non-materialistic we hope to be, we all have at least a few possessions that we value just a bit (or a lot) higher than others. Whether it is jewelry, a signed baseball card or a key to a secret room – no one needs to get their hands on the precious item but you.

And if you don’t have a safe at home – a portable security box is the next best thing – or, actually, even better. It allows you to move your possessions around (should you want to change the hiding place) and take them with you safely if you are traveling or moving house. The part that matters to us the most, though, is the fingerprint lock that will ensure the box only opens to you – its true and rightful owner.

Biometric Security Password Lock for PC


No matter how rich we are, our most valuable possession is often information – and personal data is something we aim to protect the most. It may be a difficult task to undertake, as we seem to leave a digital footprint wherever we go – but a great number of our dark secrets have made their home on our personal computers. If you are not 100% sure about your computer’s safety at home or at the office and maybe even suspect some of your family members or friends of snooping through your computer files – you can now put an end to all that worry. A biometric security lock in the form of a USB will keep your data locked and only someone with the exact identical fingerprint will be able to get through. And, unless you have an evil twin with computer interests – that is highly unlikely.

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock “Aegis”

This_Premium_Fingerprint_Door_Vt_mocDG.jpg.thumb_400x400 (1)

Safety matters and over the years people have gone to great lengths to ensure that our doors and locks are strong enough to keep the bad guys away. Now, we are working on maintaining and even increasing that level of safety and mixing it in with a higher degree of convenience. And if losing your key is at the top of your list of fears, you will be particularly happy with a gadget that (halleluiah!) does not require a key. So you will no longer fiddle in your bag wondering if you have left the key at home or worse – dropped it on the street. Unless, of course, you somehow manage to lose your finger – but then unlocking the door may be the least of your problems.

Biometric USB Flash Drive


Have you ever lost your USB or left it behind at the office or friend’s house? If your answer is “no” you may well be the most organized person on Earth – but the majority of us aren’t. We often forget how private our flash drives are and tend to leave them around in public places or hand over to others without a second thought. As common as the gadgets are, they are still the keepers of valuable files and personal data and it makes perfect sense to keep them protected. A biometric USB flash drive is the one that you can leave behind safely – as no one without your fingerprint will be able to get to the content. The USB is simple to use – and you will be able to either pick a password or scan your fingerprint for access to reading or creating files on the drive.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.3.2015. | 21:55
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