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China "wholesale electronics" Guide

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this week’s Special Offers at Chinavasion

🕔14:10, 14.Mar 2013

If you are Irish or just like to drink Guinness and wear green then this up coming weekend is a day dedicated to the Irish’s patron saint, Saint Patrick. On

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What do they mean?

🕔10:49, 12.Dec 2012

I am sure you might have noticed that when you purchase certain electronic products or gadgets they have a strange few letters, graphics or markings printed somewhere on them. A

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Low RMB Means Great Deals For Resellers

Low RMB Means Great Deals For Resellers

🕔19:32, 24.Feb 2009

It looks like China’s financial bosses have stalled the rise of the RMB against global currencies, especially the USD. But is the yuan actually undervalued internationally and what are the dangers and benefits for importers and resellers?

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Refrigerator Purifier Essential Item For Clean Freaks, Blue Cheese Fans And Flatters

🕔16:06, 26.Dec 2008

This’ll keep food and the fridge fresh. If your refrigerator is anything like mine it’s a tad…

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LED Light Takes Portable Light To The Next Level

🕔16:26, 22.Dec 2008

For when you need light on the subject. This …

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Screw-On Telescopic Lens Should Let You Capture Closer Shots At Sports Events With Digital Camcorder

🕔12:27, 11.Dec 2008

A DV camera set up for the real close up. It doesn’t matter where…

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Here’s A Cell Phone For The Gamer Girl, The Multimedia Ladies Phone

🕔20:29, 8.Nov 2008

Boys aren’t the only ones who like to play games on their handsets and there’s at least …

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