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Sony Walkman Turned 35 This Year

Sony Walkman Turned 35 This Year

🕔11:11, 7.Aug 2014

If you were born in the latter part of the 20th century you will probably have owned a Sony Walkman, chances are the image of that iconic device will be

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OMG A Digital Rickroll, The Retro Cassette MP3 Player

🕔02:06, 30.Aug 2008

There’s no need to put your car tape decks, boom boxes and walkmans on the scrapheap next to your 8-track and floppy disk drive. You can dust it off and plug it in thanks to this MP3 player which will play digital music on cassette decks or work as a stand-alone MP3 player.

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The MP4, In The 1990’s And Today

The MP4, In The 1990’s And Today

🕔13:25, 1.Feb 2008

If you are of my generation you’ll remember the inception of that ground breaking gadget ‘The Walkman’. Yes, the original bulky, heavy and battery-draining cassette walkman! You were lucky to

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