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China "USB accessory" Guide

MINIX USB-C Hub Connects Your Laptop To Any Gizmo

MINIX USB-C Hub Connects Your Laptop To Any Gizmo

🕔15:55, 1.Nov 2017

Back in August 2014, the world got introduced to the latest USB-C connector ports. These new USB ports were supposed to make data transfers in between devices faster. Additionally, the

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Most Useful Charging Electronics that’ll Keep It Simple

Most Useful Charging Electronics that’ll Keep It Simple

🕔15:17, 2.Jul 2017

Most of us think of charging as something that is a basic route and that’s normal because it’s true. We have many devices that need recharging on a daily basis,

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WiFi 802.11n Dongle, Load Your Pages In A Jiffy

🕔00:48, 4.Sep 2008

It sure is cool that you can take your laptop to a coffee house now and search the net without plugging anything in. You sure couldn’t do that several years ago. But if you’re running WiFi 802.11g or 802.11a modem then the speed can be, well a little slow. You need to check out Chinavasion’s 80211n wireless usb wifi dongle it’ll give you speeds you experience nowhere else.

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USB Rechargeable AA Batteries, Put The Energy Into Environmentalism

🕔02:18, 20.Jun 2008

Tired of lugging around a battery charger? Not sure how effective those rechargeable batteries actually are at protecting the environment? Then you need to check out this set of 4 USB rechargeable AA batteries. Who said saving the world had to cost the earth?

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8GB USB Flash Lighter, Not For Children Or The Painfully Shy

🕔18:45, 18.Jun 2008

Is tough guy geek an oxymoron? Not as we see it. That’s why we’ve come out with the 8GB USB flash drive lighter. The cigarette lighter and conversation starter. To be kept away from children…and the painfully shy.

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Times are changing, 8GB USB watch

🕔18:14, 17.May 2008

Ever felt the need to cut down on the assorted things that we modern professionals need to carry each day? We have and we’ve managed to find a handy new 8GB USB watch! Click here to find out more.

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Get noticed by making clients’ lives easier

🕔12:21, 5.Jan 2008

New USB Accessory Gadget From China Click the product photo below to get more details about this product:   Vista + Mac OSX 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub – Analog

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