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China "unlocked phone" Guide

Read and learn everything you need to know about unlocked phones from China.

Water Resistant Quad Band Watch Phone Proves That Technology Can Be Tough

🕔19:35, 20.Nov 2008

Who said cutting-edge technology can’t stand up to the knocks? Here is a water resistant quad band watch phone …

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New Unlocked Phone With 3 Inch Screen A Splash Of Color

🕔18:21, 19.Nov 2008

Who said entry-level cell phones had to look dull or loose screen size? Here’s a…

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His N Her Unlocked Watch Phones Get A Dash Of Style

🕔20:39, 15.Nov 2008

Watch phones are no longer just for geeky boys, wholesale electronics manufacturers have …

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How To Start A Mobile Phone Business, An Introduction

How To Start A Mobile Phone Business, An Introduction

🕔09:41, 13.Nov 2008

Do you want to get out of the rat race? Want to start a mobile phone business but not sure where to start? Here is …

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Touchscreen Tri Band Phone Looses Inches, Gains A SIM Card Port

🕔20:17, 12.Nov 2008

Not all GSM phones with a touchscreen interface need to be chunky and cuddly. Here’s an …

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The Black Dual Slide Cell Phone, An Unlocked Phone That Lets You Play For Later

🕔17:59, 7.Nov 2008

Worried about being caught out past curfew? Here’s a cellular phone that’ll not only give you NES games but some audio meat to beef up your pork pies too.

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Unlocked Phones That Have It All, SNES, Qwerty And Touchscreen Interfaces

🕔14:49, 6.Nov 2008

Qwerty Keyboards, A Touchscreen Interface And SNES and NES Emulators. Who said you couldn’t…

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The Cell Phone Mysteries, What Is Dual SIM?

The Cell Phone Mysteries, What Is Dual SIM?

🕔12:04, 3.Nov 2008

When is one SIM card not enough? What does a dual SIM card do anyway and why do we only find them on China cellphone wholesale brands? Wonder no more, we’ve got the answers right here.

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Quad Band Mobile Phone, International Businessman’s Superphone

🕔19:20, 29.Sep 2008

The sad truth about the world today is that your phone is quite often your life. It’s not just a storage facility for contacts and memories. If it is your business phone it usually cost you over $500 to buy. The last thing you would want is for some Shanghai, Bangkok or Malawi scumbag to take it from you. The solution? A second mobile phone which pretty much does the same thing but costs less, goes to more places and won’t have any problems taking any GSM SIM card. The unlocked quad band mobile phone could be such a phone.

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Projector Phone Projects The Cool

🕔15:48, 29.Aug 2008

Want to see the phone that everybody talked about in 2008? Click on this link! It’s Chinavasion’s very own projector phone which didn’t only make the world stop and look in 2008 it still hasn’t been beaten in quality or price.

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