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China "sunglasses mp3" Guide

Spy Sunglasses Work Just As Well Night Or Day

🕔11:00, 13.Oct 2008

Spy glasses are cool, but you’ll get some dirty looks if you’re wearing them on a cloudy day or at night. People think they’ve either had a hard night, are as high as kites or have a reason to lay assault charges against someone. This is one set of glasses you won’t have to worry about the sunglasses camera with 4gb mp3 player and built in earphones.

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Hey Good Looking — Stylish 2GB MP3 Bluetooth Sunglasses

🕔21:10, 5.Mar 2008

Click this link to learn more about the product: about this product: Silver MP3 + Bluetooth Player Sunglasses – 2GB Flash Memory [CVDLZ-10MY-2] A sexy combination of stylish chic and

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