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China "solar gadgets" Guide

Little Solar Power Lamp-Torch, Wall E Would Be Proud

🕔17:23, 16.Dec 2008

It’s the transformer of solar gadgets…

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Solar Charger, The Green Gadget With Grunt

🕔18:45, 13.Oct 2008

It’s all very well going green when you’re on the road but many of the solar charges that are supposed to keep you going don’t do anything to get your phone or gadget charged. We’ve found a solar charger that should have you up and running in no time.

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High Capacity Solar Charger, Make The Road Trip A Green Trip

🕔17:09, 1.Aug 2008

So the world’s been hit with a mobile revolution and green revolution (although Steve Lerman, the author of The World Is Flat, would argue that it’s a green party) at the same time. Get your world mobile and green at the same time with the high capacity solar charger battery for PCs, laptops and mobile phones. The charger that will keep you on the go and in the good books with the granola eaters from Greenpeace.

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