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China "sim" Guide

GSM Roaming, New International Phone Puts The World At Your Fingertips

🕔09:57, 25.Dec 2008

This phone has the whole world covered. If you’re looking…

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Cell Phone Compatibility: Wholesaler Chinavasion Offers GSM Frequency Advice

🕔11:19, 22.Nov 2008

People who sell unlocked phones on eBay know how much of a headache trying to get the cellphone with the right GSM band to the right country can be. Wholesale dropship company Chinavasion is offering some help with a GSM world map and GSM frequency advice.

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Touchscreen Tri Band Phone Looses Inches, Gains A SIM Card Port

🕔20:17, 12.Nov 2008

Not all GSM phones with a touchscreen interface need to be chunky and cuddly. Here’s an …

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Here’s A Cell Phone For The Gamer Girl, The Multimedia Ladies Phone

🕔20:29, 8.Nov 2008

Boys aren’t the only ones who like to play games on their handsets and there’s at least …

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The Cell Phone Mysteries, What Is Dual SIM?

The Cell Phone Mysteries, What Is Dual SIM?

🕔12:04, 3.Nov 2008

When is one SIM card not enough? What does a dual SIM card do anyway and why do we only find them on China cellphone wholesale brands? Wonder no more, we’ve got the answers right here.

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Get 3G Mobile Technology Onto Your Laptop, How 3G USB Modems Can Keep You Connected

🕔17:26, 31.Oct 2008

Fast and cheap internet access is getting ….

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