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Digital TV A Dream Come True For Sports Fans And Commuters

Digital TV A Dream Come True For Sports Fans And Commuters

🕔15:27, 29.Jul 2009

Portable digital TV is here for everybody to enjoy. Ali Dayekh begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting is here to go through all the potential uses for digital TV.

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The MP5 Myth Exposed

The MP5 Myth Exposed

🕔16:44, 17.Apr 2009

You’ve all heard of mythbusters? Well here at Chinavasion we’d like to bust a few myths of our own. Baya Harrison is here to bust a few myths surrounding the supposedly magical MP5 player

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16GB MP4 Player Brings Down The Price, Not The Experience

🕔21:14, 17.Oct 2008

The economic world might be in turmoil but you should still be able to listen to your tunes… here’s a 16GB MP4 player which will make sure you can listen to a whole lot of your tunes while you ride the bus to work because the price of gas is through the roof.

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Flip and Swivel Combo Cell Phone, Keeps Boredom At Bay On The Bus

🕔17:43, 9.Oct 2008

There’s lots of phones out there that’ll have you covered for media… but they’re not exactly hand friendly and pretty much would fail the holding at elevated levels for long periods of time. This may have changed with the flip and swivel combo cell phone, an unlocked swivel phone that looks like it could be the answer to the prayers of multimedia fans with weak arms all over Europe and Asia.

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8GB MP4/MP3 Player With 3-Inch LCD — Ban Boredom From The Bus

🕔08:16, 13.Aug 2008

Looking for a MP4 that will give you enough battery life and enjoyment for the ride home but won’t act as bait for every two bit crook nearby? Then you need to check out this 8GB MP4 which is very good at hiding its light under a bushel.

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Stunning Silver 8GB MP4 Player – Who Said Solid Isn’t Sexy

🕔11:13, 16.Jul 2008

Tired of all those MP4s that feel like they could be crushed by a toddler. Here’s a stunning silver 8GB MP4 player that will not only fill you with confidence about its construction but, with an 8GB flash memory, hold anything you throw at it.

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World’s Thinnest MP4, Say Goodbye To Bulging Pockets

🕔11:41, 5.Jul 2008

Sure your iTouch/Walkman/feature-packed MP4 is sexy but can it fit in the pocket of your new hipster jeans? Our MP4 can. In fact the world’s thinnest MP4 player with touch control will make sure you can take your favorite music and movies with you wherever you want to go and expand your potential wardrobe beyond overalls and cargo pants.

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