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LevelUP NES Emulator Phone Could Be Old-School Gamers Greatest Gift

LevelUP NES Emulator Phone Could Be Old-School Gamers Greatest Gift

🕔20:21, 10.Mar 2010

Want to know the best gaming phone out there? If your addiction is old-school Nintendo Games Michael Wong thinks he may have found the answer.

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Cool New PDA Cell Phones Are Gamer’s Delight

🕔06:00, 11.Feb 2009

Here’s an unlocked cell phone that would almost have to be a gamer’s delight

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Portable DVD, TV And NES Emulator Makes Sure Home Entertainment Doesn’t Stay At Home

🕔20:03, 17.Nov 2008

Who said you had to leave your home entertainment at home during the holidays, this …

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Here’s A Cell Phone For The Gamer Girl, The Multimedia Ladies Phone

🕔20:29, 8.Nov 2008

Boys aren’t the only ones who like to play games on their handsets and there’s at least …

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Slider Cell Phone Lets People Get Their Game On

🕔03:25, 22.Oct 2008

When was the last time you made a phone call from your PSP or Gameboy? When was the last time you played a good a good, addictive game on your cellphone (and no, hungry snake doesn’t count)? A new phone has just hit the market that’ll let gamers get their NES on while still being able to make calls and do everything a cell phone will let them do. The multimedia twin slide gaming mobile phone even has ……

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Watching DVDs On The Road In Style

🕔12:40, 18.Feb 2008

New Portable DVD Player Gadget From China Click the product photo below to get more details about this product: Deluxe Portable DVD Player System – Built In Webcamera [CVASQ-115E] A

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