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Practical guides & tech news about MP4 players and software applications.
Chinavasion On The World Wide Web, EBay Rounding Up Sellers

Chinavasion On The World Wide Web, EBay Rounding Up Sellers

🕔12:34, 18.Jul 2008

EBay live has finished and the news is out….the site doesn’t want to share its sellers…. with ANYONE. Click on this link to find out what the results of the eBay Live conference were…

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Stunning Silver 8GB MP4 Player – Who Said Solid Isn’t Sexy

🕔11:13, 16.Jul 2008

Tired of all those MP4s that feel like they could be crushed by a toddler. Here’s a stunning silver 8GB MP4 player that will not only fill you with confidence about its construction but, with an 8GB flash memory, hold anything you throw at it.

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Touchscreen Mobile With TV Player, Kiss Boredom Goodbye

🕔12:41, 2.Jun 2008

Want to see the latest in TV phone technology? You’ve found it, a flip phone that can easily provide hours of entertainment.

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iPod Clock Radio Does It All

🕔11:18, 21.Mar 2008

New MP3 Player Accessory From China Click on the image below to learn more about the product: Super Radio (Streaming Internet, DAB+, iPod/iPhone Dock)[CVNA-E63]     Charge your Personal Media

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Getting The Feel For Touchscreen, Sourcing Tips for Touchscreen MP4 Players

🕔11:51, 11.Mar 2008

New MP4 Gadget From China Purchasing a touchscreen MP4 used to be easy, you just needed to select your preferred brand from a dozen options. This is all set to

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Chinavasion searches the WWW– Someone is watching you and gadget maintenance tips

🕔12:03, 8.Mar 2008

It’s been a strange week on the Internet, many people have become all conspiratorial for some reason and, outside the launch of the latest iPod much of the news went

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Chinavasion Goes Viral, MP4 Video Blog

🕔11:06, 29.Feb 2008

As we work our way to the end of the first decade of the new millennium, few things would be as good a representative of the last 10 years (at

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MP4 Converters: Get The Most Out Of Your MP4

🕔12:07, 26.Feb 2008

Chinavasion MP4 Player gadgets   Solar-powered MP4 players, MP3 sunglasses, MP4 watches, MP3 players that work underwater and recording sunglasses with MP4 receivers…it’s incredible what China is producing in the

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The MP4, In The 1990’s And Today

The MP4, In The 1990’s And Today

🕔13:25, 1.Feb 2008

If you are of my generation you’ll remember the inception of that ground breaking gadget ‘The Walkman’. Yes, the original bulky, heavy and battery-draining cassette walkman! You were lucky to

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MP4 Watch Makes Ideal Valentine

🕔12:23, 31.Jan 2008

New MP4 Watch Gadget From China Click the product photo below to get more details about this product: 1.5 Inch OLED Watch MP4 Player 2GB – Ladies Pink Quality Strap

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