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China "Mobile phones" Guide

Mobile phones are common devices today, they simply can’t be missed in your life. We rely on them for our daily communication needs, entertainment, as well as staying in touch with friends. Read our awesome guides below to make the use of mobile phones better!

Installing Java Apps Onto Your Phone

🕔09:00, 16.Aug 2010

Java apps. Are they mysterious beasts one would find in Harry Potter, or are they fun, useful little programs that one can find readily for free on the internet?
Adrian walks you through finding and installing Java apps on your phone.

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Cheap Phones From Chinavasion Will Save You Money!

🕔09:00, 10.Aug 2010

These days most of us need to be a bit more ‘money-conscious,’ but does that mean that we can’t have a good phone? Absolutely not! In this blog Adrian takes us through why unlocked cheap phones from Chinavasion are a good, money-saving alternative to expensive ‘name brand’ phones and phone contracts.

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The El Portal Cell Phone: Upgrading to Windows Mobile 6.5

The El Portal Cell Phone: Upgrading to Windows Mobile 6.5

🕔20:09, 12.Jul 2010

Do you have an old model El Portal with a Windows CE 6.1 OS? Would you like to upgrade it to Windows C.E 6.5 goodness? Michael Wong will show you how!

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Touchscreen Cell Phone Adds Credibility To Your Porkies

🕔17:50, 13.Feb 2009

Here’s an unlocked phone that’ll actually…

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Digital Camera Phone Turns Identity Crisis Into Good Thing

🕔01:00, 7.Jan 2009

Want the camera phone with serious photo capabilities?

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Chinavasion Update, A Week In Gadgets 3.1.2009.

Chinavasion Update, A Week In Gadgets 3.1.2009.

🕔13:35, 3.Jan 2009

What products have been coming out of Chinavasion this week? Here are the cool gadgets and gizmos we have covered so far…

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No Contract Phone Makes Multimedia Multinational

🕔17:59, 31.Dec 2008

Watch movies and videos on your phone they way they’re…

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Water Resistant Quad Band Watch Phone Proves That Technology Can Be Tough

🕔19:35, 20.Nov 2008

Who said cutting-edge technology can’t stand up to the knocks? Here is a water resistant quad band watch phone …

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Wholesale Cell Phone Brands Perfect To Start A Mobile Phone Business

Wholesale Cell Phone Brands Perfect To Start A Mobile Phone Business

🕔12:26, 6.Nov 2008

With the current economic recession many people will be looking for alternate income streams to keep them going should they be made redundant, wholesale dropship company Chinavasion believes …

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Multimedia Mobile Is Good Watch, Better To Hold

🕔18:11, 20.Oct 2008

When was the last time you were at a movie and thought to yourself ‘this movie would look great in a portrait format’? The makers of the clam and sideflip combo cellphone may have figured out the publics general dislike for media in screens taller than they are wide with their latest design of clamshell phone.

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