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China "maxwell smart" Guide

The Wrist Phone Has Learnt To Accessorize

🕔19:25, 25.Nov 2008

James Bond and Maxwell Smart eat your heart out. There’s nothing quite like this…

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Spy Camera Sunglasses, Just In Time For Summer

🕔12:19, 16.May 2008

Summer is just around the corner so it must be time for a new pair of sunglasses? What about a pair with a stealthy recording function? Just don’t tell your partner about them and you’ll be fine. Promise.

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Spy Pen Camcorder — A Supreme Spy Gadget

🕔11:01, 12.May 2008

Want to find out what’s happening behind your back at the office? We’ve got the pen for you. A camcorder disguised as a pen which won’t only capture images it will capture sound as well.

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