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Chinavasion Update, A Week In Gadgets 10.1.2009

Chinavasion Update, A Week In Gadgets 10.1.2009

🕔10:53, 10.Jan 2009

Christmas was so surprisingly good that the gadget blog went deluxe… check out all the deluxe gadgets featured on our blog this week

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Laptop Stand Has Legs And Fans, Allows Internet Surfing In Bed

🕔18:29, 5.Jan 2009

aptop cooling pads and notebook fans extend the life of the laptop, but they’re limited to desk use. That is unless you expect a Spanish Inquisition girth…

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Wifi 802.11N USB Dongle Ends Your Wifi Woes

🕔19:08, 4.Sep 2008

Looking for a wifi connection that will hook you up to the internet in a jiffy? The answer might be as close as the new wifi 802.11n protocol the technology that gives you wired internet speeds without the wires.

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WiFi 802.11n Dongle, Load Your Pages In A Jiffy

🕔00:48, 4.Sep 2008

It sure is cool that you can take your laptop to a coffee house now and search the net without plugging anything in. You sure couldn’t do that several years ago. But if you’re running WiFi 802.11g or 802.11a modem then the speed can be, well a little slow. You need to check out Chinavasion’s 80211n wireless usb wifi dongle it’ll give you speeds you experience nowhere else.

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