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China "James Bond" Guide

Among all these Hollywood characters, James Bond, also known as Agent 007, is probably the biggest fan of gadgets. Especially the ones that are super smart, sneaky or destructive.

50 years of Bond, James Bond – A look at some of the gadgets then and now

🕔14:29, 18.Dec 2012

The name’s Bond… James Bond. It has been 50 years of James Bond and here at Chinavasion we will celebrate by comparing the gadgets that were used in previous films

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Wham! The GPS Tracker Category Added To! Bad Guys Beware!

🕔09:00, 4.Aug 2010

Calling all budding spies and secret agents! Chinavasion have launched their new GPS Trackers category. Read on for the low-down on the must have accessory for 2010!
…This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds…

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The Wrist Phone Has Learnt To Accessorize

🕔19:25, 25.Nov 2008

James Bond and Maxwell Smart eat your heart out. There’s nothing quite like this…

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Mind-Blowing Touch Screen Watch Phone, Just Like James Bond Would Wear

🕔12:42, 16.Jun 2008

Do you like the idea of watch phones but don’t want something that looks like a refugee from the 1980s’ to be strapped to your wrist? Then you’ll love this mind blowing Quad Band Touch Screen cell phone watch. The perfect phone for the person who wants a watch phone that gives them all the functionality of a cell phone watch without the loss of style.

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Special Edition Mobile Phone Wrist Watch, Get Your Pockets Back

🕔11:51, 3.Jun 2008

Want to see the latest in cutting edge mobile phone technology? Then you need to see this special watch phone with features and technologies that have never been seen before.

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Chewing Gum Spy Camera — Spy Gadgets Go To The Next Level

🕔09:51, 25.May 2008

Here’s a spy gadget Maxwell Smart would love to get hold of, although he’d probably end up trying to eat it. Click here to learn more about one of Chinavasion most popular gadgets of all time, the chewing gum camera.

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Spy Pen Camcorder — A Supreme Spy Gadget

🕔11:01, 12.May 2008

Want to find out what’s happening behind your back at the office? We’ve got the pen for you. A camcorder disguised as a pen which won’t only capture images it will capture sound as well.

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Bourne Or Bond? Spy Sunglasses

🕔10:54, 13.Mar 2008

New Spy Gadgets From China Espionage – Spy Camera Sunglasses (4GB, DVR, Bluetooth, MP3) [CVFR-I49] Beat James Bond and Jason Bourne at their own game with this spy gadget to

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