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China "iPhone 5" Guide

Apple Paying Back Parents Over App Misuse

Apple Paying Back Parents Over App Misuse

🕔14:18, 16.Jan 2014

The Apple store has to pay-out huge amounts to very angry parents whose little ones decided to buy things via the App Store without the parents consent. There has been

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Australia Day – Chinavasion celebrates with special Australia Day deals

🕔10:47, 24.Jan 2013

“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!”… “Oi,Oi,Oi!”. January 26th is Australia Day and this is the official national day of Australia. Australia Day, which was previously known as Anniversary Day, Foundation Day, and

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Why wait for the dust to settle between the big names?

🕔11:33, 8.Jan 2013

The big names are at it again, Apple and Samsung are trying to outperform each other. Looking at ways to improve their phones and produce the latest technology advancements in

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IPEGA Products now at Chinavasion

🕔11:31, 29.Dec 2012

Ipega is a Hong Kong company based company that specializes in iPhone and iPad accessories. Improving the diversity of both products with cameras, speakers and other great add on accessories

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Chinese Customers Getting Tired of the iPhone

🕔15:29, 27.Jul 2012

This article reports that the iPhone is losing ground in China. Samsung’s SIII and HTC’s One X are currently outselling because people like their bigger screens, better cameras and the

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