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How To Know If A Smartphone Will Work In Your Country

How To Know If A Smartphone Will Work In Your Country

🕔17:09, 13.Sep 2016

One of the most commonly asked questions by our customers relates to whether a particular phone will work and have mobile internet connection in a certain country. Not entirely unsurprising,

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New 3 Inch Touchscreen Phone Comes To You In Quad Band

🕔18:10, 19.Feb 2009

The quad band unlocked phone that’s…

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The Cell Phone Mysteries, What Are Dual Band, Tri Band And Quad Band Cell Phones And Where Will They Work? ( Part 2)

🕔14:56, 21.Nov 2008

The world of the mobile phone is a confusing one these days and few things can be as frustrating for people wondering how to start a cell phone business than trying to work out which GSM frequency will work where and whether they need phones with multiple cell phone bands. Here’s a quick look at GSM frequencies and how they work on cell phones. This is part two of a two-part blog series.

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