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What Everybody Ought To Know About HDD Media Players

What Everybody Ought To Know About HDD Media Players

🕔23:15, 20.Apr 2009

So what is a HDD media player when it’s home and how can it help you relax? Ali Dayekh begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting is here to talk us through exactly how this revolutionary new technology is going to take our home theater systems into the 21st century and the basics of setting it up.

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The HDD Media Player That Fits Right Into The Decor

🕔18:00, 28.Nov 2008

Here’s a HDD player that…

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HD Multimedia LCD Projector, Get That 120-Inch Home Theater for Under 500 Bucks

🕔12:14, 12.Sep 2008

It was pretty exciting news when Panasonic previewed it’s 150 inch HD plasma TV at CES this year but for the average person there were two problems: A, they wouldn’t be able to get it into their house. And, B, if somebody was lucky enough to live in a barn gadget watchers predicted the thing would cost $150000 when it’s released in 2009. Here’s a HD multimedia LCD projector with 120 inch display that will give you almost as big a screen for less than 500.

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Scart DVB-T Receiver, Gives You The Digital Hookups On Analog TV

🕔12:55, 22.Jul 2008

. Are you ready for it? With the scart dvbt receiver we’ve got the tools to make sure your old analog TV can keep up with the pace.

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