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Take it to the extreme with this “Acropolis HD” Sports Action Camera

🕔09:47, 21.Mar 2013

Whatever your sport is and wherever you are then you need to take it the extreme with this “Acropolis HD” Sports Action Camera. How would it be to be able

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Chinavasion Bulletin: The Media Vantage – Full 1080P HD Media Player, Android App Of The Week And FAQ’s

🕔14:19, 8.Oct 2010

What happened at Chinavasion this week? Delve in to get up-to-date!

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HD Multimedia LCD Projector, Get That 120-Inch Home Theater for Under 500 Bucks

🕔12:14, 12.Sep 2008

It was pretty exciting news when Panasonic previewed it’s 150 inch HD plasma TV at CES this year but for the average person there were two problems: A, they wouldn’t be able to get it into their house. And, B, if somebody was lucky enough to live in a barn gadget watchers predicted the thing would cost $150000 when it’s released in 2009. Here’s a HD multimedia LCD projector with 120 inch display that will give you almost as big a screen for less than 500.

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Chinavasion Searches The WWW: Getting Through The Credit Crunch

🕔12:26, 26.Mar 2008

Chinavasion gadget news With the continuing credit crunch in the US, it’s no surprise that the net has been fueled with economy drives and belt-tightening exercises: US consumers have cut

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Chinavasion Goes Viral: ‘Touching’ Internet TV

🕔11:35, 15.Mar 2008

Chinavasion video blog, The Touchscreen MP4 edition It’s been a long couple of weeks here at Chinavasion and the collection of Chinavasion videos have been slowly growing on YouTube. But

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