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China "green gadgets" Guide

Go green! Make the world a better place with green gadgets by Chinavasion. Green gadgets aren’t just eco-friendly, they can actually be really fun and cool.

High Capacity Solar Charger, Make The Road Trip A Green Trip

🕔17:09, 1.Aug 2008

So the world’s been hit with a mobile revolution and green revolution (although Steve Lerman, the author of The World Is Flat, would argue that it’s a green party) at the same time. Get your world mobile and green at the same time with the high capacity solar charger battery for PCs, laptops and mobile phones. The charger that will keep you on the go and in the good books with the granola eaters from Greenpeace.

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USB Rechargeable AA Batteries, Put The Energy Into Environmentalism

🕔02:18, 20.Jun 2008

Tired of lugging around a battery charger? Not sure how effective those rechargeable batteries actually are at protecting the environment? Then you need to check out this set of 4 USB rechargeable AA batteries. Who said saving the world had to cost the earth?

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I’ve Got My Solar-Powered MP4… Now Where’s My Flying Car?

🕔15:33, 18.Jan 2008

In the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s writers like Arthur C Clark, Phillip K Dick and other science fiction writers with initials where their middle names should be, joined forces with

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