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China "Flip Phone" Guide

Dual Band Bar Phone Stops Your Hip Pocket From Calling Your Friends And Superiors

🕔22:32, 26.Nov 2008

How many times have you got a call from your friend’s back pocket?

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The Flip Phone That Thinks Its a Bar

🕔09:05, 1.Nov 2008

Who said people were the only ones to have identity crises. Here’s a…

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Flip Phone Gives You A little LED Bling To Go With Your Ring

🕔17:17, 21.Oct 2008

Everyone wants a phone that’ll share a little bit of themselves with the world. Here’s a phone for those people who like their world to come with a little flava. The clamshell touchscreen cell phone doesn’t only give you bells and whistles when someone calls it gives you lights as well.

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Flip and Swivel Combo Cell Phone, Keeps Boredom At Bay On The Bus

🕔17:43, 9.Oct 2008

There’s lots of phones out there that’ll have you covered for media… but they’re not exactly hand friendly and pretty much would fail the holding at elevated levels for long periods of time. This may have changed with the flip and swivel combo cell phone, an unlocked swivel phone that looks like it could be the answer to the prayers of multimedia fans with weak arms all over Europe and Asia.

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Bigscreen TV Phone, Beat The Boredom Blues

🕔12:20, 7.Jun 2008

Why be bored on that long commute? See Chinavasion’s new unlocked TV phone for the latest in entertainment technology.

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