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SATA Hard Disks Vs SSD, Because Flash Isn’t Always Good

SATA Hard Disks Vs SSD, Because Flash Isn’t Always Good

🕔19:23, 13.Sep 2008

Interested in getting a whole lot of data from one place to another? Get ready for the USB enclosure face off where we pit SATA hard drives and HDD enclosures against high volume portable SDD drives.

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8GB USB Flash Lighter, Not For Children Or The Painfully Shy

🕔18:45, 18.Jun 2008

Is tough guy geek an oxymoron? Not as we see it. That’s why we’ve come out with the 8GB USB flash drive lighter. The cigarette lighter and conversation starter. To be kept away from children…and the painfully shy.

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Music While You Write — MP3 Pen

🕔10:43, 7.Jan 2008

New1GB MP3 Player Gadget From China Click the product photo below to get more details about this product:   MP3 Pen + MIC Recorder – Portable 1GB Flash Disk Design[CVDHD-102B-1]

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