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China "DVD Player" Guide

Gadget Matchup: Tablet PCs VS Portable DVD Players

Gadget Matchup: Tablet PCs VS Portable DVD Players

🕔11:21, 15.Jun 2016

When it comes to viewing movies on the go, you have a choice between using tablets and portable DVD players. Both devices have unique benefits to offer the avid cinephile, but

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End of an era for the PS2

🕔14:44, 2.Jan 2013

After 12 years as being the king on the computing console world, the Playstation 2 is finally going to be stopped being manufactured.  This black console  from Japan is finally

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Chinavasion Update, A Week In Gadgets 3.1.2009.

Chinavasion Update, A Week In Gadgets 3.1.2009.

🕔13:35, 3.Jan 2009

What products have been coming out of Chinavasion this week? Here are the cool gadgets and gizmos we have covered so far…

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1 DIN DVD Player, Got A Smaller Car? Here’s Your Next DIY Project

🕔09:57, 24.Dec 2008

The car DVD player for the smaller car. Who said…

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Single DIN Car DVD Player With Front And Back Entry Points For Easy Access

🕔14:37, 11.Sep 2008

Car DVD players are pretty cool but they have one major flaw… one they’re installed into the car it’s pretty hard to plug anything else into the car. AV gear is especially a problem. You can now sort that problem out with the single din car video dvd player the only player that is more than happy to let things get plugged into the front or the back.

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Bathroom Fun, Meet The DVD Player That Loves Getting Wet

🕔15:51, 21.Aug 2008

Want to watch a DVD in the bathroom? This is now a possibility with the waterproof DVD

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Waterproof DVD Player, When You Want To Watch Jaws While On The Water

🕔03:42, 5.Aug 2008

Let’s face it… going out for an extended trip on the water is not the most exciting prospect ever. Sure it’s peaceful. Sure it’s tranquil. But you can only for so long you can stare at blue on blue for so long. If the fish aren’t biting or you happen to have a copy of the latest lucky catch that you want to share with the group you might just want to check out the waterproof DVD player for boat or bathroom entertainment. Because sometimes Jaws, ‘The Perfect Storm’ or ‘Into The Blue’ require an aquatic setting.

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Watching DVDs On The Road In Style

🕔12:40, 18.Feb 2008

New Portable DVD Player Gadget From China Click the product photo below to get more details about this product: Deluxe Portable DVD Player System – Built In Webcamera [CVASQ-115E] A

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