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China "dual SIM cellphone" Guide

2009 In Electronics and Exports, Chinavasion Gets Out The Crystal Ball Part 3

2009 In Electronics and Exports, Chinavasion Gets Out The Crystal Ball Part 3

🕔12:00, 15.Jan 2009

Cell phones, netbooks and green gadgets, oh my. Find out what 2009 has in store for you.

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Flip and Swivel Combo Cell Phone, Keeps Boredom At Bay On The Bus

🕔17:43, 9.Oct 2008

There’s lots of phones out there that’ll have you covered for media… but they’re not exactly hand friendly and pretty much would fail the holding at elevated levels for long periods of time. This may have changed with the flip and swivel combo cell phone, an unlocked swivel phone that looks like it could be the answer to the prayers of multimedia fans with weak arms all over Europe and Asia.

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Quad Band Mobile Phone — Because Quad Is Great

🕔12:35, 14.Aug 2008

Here is a phone that eBay resellers are going to love. It’s loaded with enough features to make a gadgetphile drool, it comes at a price that will let you put a decent mark up on it and still have it looking cheap AND there is no chance of it not being compatible with someone’s mobile carrier.

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Multimedia Mobile Phone with Lights, Putting The Funk Into Functional

🕔20:23, 21.Jul 2008

Take a Personal Media Player that’ll handle most codecs, mash it with a phone that’ll take two SIMs and work in most regions and throw in a dazzling LED display and what do you get…the funky dual sim touchscreen multimedia mobile phone with lights, the coolest in competitively priced multimedia phones.

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Dual Camera Cell Phone, Make Sure You Get Your Good Side

🕔11:30, 30.Jun 2008

Hands up if you use your camera phone to take photos of yourself. Now hands up if you’re tired of having to ‘guestamate’ where your face actually is. Here’s a dual camera touchscreen MP4 phone that will make sure you aren’t left with photos where you’re missing half a head.

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Touchscreen Mobile With TV Player, Kiss Boredom Goodbye

🕔12:41, 2.Jun 2008

Want to see the latest in TV phone technology? You’ve found it, a flip phone that can easily provide hours of entertainment.

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