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Bored? Time For Some Pocket-Sized Fun

Bored? Time For Some Pocket-Sized Fun

🕔10:06, 31.Aug 2008

tuck in traffic? Going nowhere? Kick boredom off the bus with Chinavasion’s new pocket-sized personal media player.

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8GB MP4/MP3 Player With 3-Inch LCD — Ban Boredom From The Bus

🕔08:16, 13.Aug 2008

Looking for a MP4 that will give you enough battery life and enjoyment for the ride home but won’t act as bait for every two bit crook nearby? Then you need to check out this 8GB MP4 which is very good at hiding its light under a bushel.

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Chinavasion Goes Viral: ‘Touching’ Internet TV

🕔11:35, 15.Mar 2008

Chinavasion video blog, The Touchscreen MP4 edition It’s been a long couple of weeks here at Chinavasion and the collection of Chinavasion videos have been slowly growing on YouTube. But

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Purchasing Chinese MP4s: How Not To Get Stung

Purchasing Chinese MP4s: How Not To Get Stung

🕔20:07, 21.Feb 2008

Apple will need to stay on its toes, the ‘iPod killer’ — or ‘killers’ — may already be on the market today, and, could well be already selling in great

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