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China "cheap phones" Guide

Top Dual-Camera Phones Under $150

Top Dual-Camera Phones Under $150

🕔14:39, 23.Oct 2017

Dual-Camera phones have become the new norm in the world of smartphone photography. These latest Android phones are capable of shooting mesmerizing pictures and videos, truly taking your smartphone photography

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Feature Phones – Why The Old is Still Gold!

Feature Phones – Why The Old is Still Gold!

🕔16:57, 11.Dec 2015

Smartphones have changed our life, and they are helping us become smarter. But then these hand-held devices are making us lazy and possibly unproductive. They can be expensive to buy

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Kim Jong-un caught with a phone! But what would Chinavasion recommend for him?

🕔17:43, 6.Feb 2013

The ‘Dear Leader’ is making headlines again but not because of another failed missile launch, or he has decided to execute everyone that did not finish all their rice but

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Why wait for the dust to settle between the big names?

🕔11:33, 8.Jan 2013

The big names are at it again, Apple and Samsung are trying to outperform each other. Looking at ways to improve their phones and produce the latest technology advancements in

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The Story Of A Chinavasion World-Exclusive, The LePhone

🕔09:00, 13.Oct 2010

What is the LePhone and why is it one of the most significant unlocked Android phones hit Chinavasion’s shelves? Find out here…

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Chinavasion Smart Phone OS Poll: Which Operating System Would You Use?

🕔09:00, 6.Oct 2010

Chinavasion are your number one source of cheap smart phones. We love Android and Windows Mobile, but which type of smart phone would you go for?

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Chinavasion Smart Phone Launch Competition Results

🕔16:26, 20.Sep 2010

We ran a competition last week to celebrate the launch of our newest smart phone. Here we reveal the name of our special new phone and the names of the 5 lucky gadget winners!

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Android, Windows Mobile And Symbian OS Coming To Cheap Mobile Phones Soon!

🕔09:00, 17.Aug 2010

Smart phones. Great, but expensive.
Rejoice, as this is no longer true! Soon everyone will be getting cheap mobile phones with the latest OS such as Android, for under US$150!

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Cheap Phones From Chinavasion Will Save You Money!

🕔09:00, 10.Aug 2010

These days most of us need to be a bit more ‘money-conscious,’ but does that mean that we can’t have a good phone? Absolutely not! In this blog Adrian takes us through why unlocked cheap phones from Chinavasion are a good, money-saving alternative to expensive ‘name brand’ phones and phone contracts.

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