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China "car safety" Guide

Lens-Less imaging system for cars

🕔11:40, 18.Jan 2013

Scientists in the US have been researching in depth in the area of lesn-less imaging system, which could help avoid car collisions. Metamaterials have properties that are specifically designed, these

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Three Movies That Needed A Car With A Rear View Camera

Three Movies That Needed A Car With A Rear View Camera

🕔20:38, 15.Oct 2008

How many movies use the humorous car accident as a plot device (or at the very least a memorable gag which heads directly to the trailer). Here are three movies which could have done with a car that had a rear view camera installed.

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Make Backing Up A Breeze

🕔10:25, 14.Mar 2008

New Car Accessory Gadget From China Click on the image below to learn more about the product: Wide Angle Car Rearview Camera NTSC – .5Lux [CVAJM-123-PAL] Take all the risk

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Don’t Blame The Gadget, Blame The Driver

🕔10:55, 8.Jan 2008

Driving can be a very risky business and the roads get no more dangerous than they do during rush-hour in the mornings and evenings, when half the working population makes

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