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China "Bluetooth" Guide

Practical guides & tech news about China Bluetooth devices. Find out the latest Bluetooth gadgets & other wholesale electronics trends from China.

Here’s A Cell Phone For The Gamer Girl, The Multimedia Ladies Phone

🕔20:29, 8.Nov 2008

Boys aren’t the only ones who like to play games on their handsets and there’s at least …

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Looking For A PDA With Everything, Here’s A PDA With Touchscreen And A Qwerty Keyboard

🕔18:53, 7.Nov 2008

It looks like one phone maker has decided enough in …

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The Flip Phone That Thinks Its a Bar

🕔09:05, 1.Nov 2008

Who said people were the only ones to have identity crises. Here’s a…

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Bluetooth Car Kit Keeps The Hands On The Wheel No Matter The Ride

🕔14:04, 24.Oct 2008

The fun police have arrived and they want your cellphones to be off when you drive. There’s enough permanently-installed kits out on the marketplace now to help out anybody with their own ride but if you happen to be using two cars then you got trouble… Thankfully there’s a gadget out on the market now to get around that, the easy mp3 car kit, it’ll even let you use….

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Double DIN Car DVD Puts Divx MP4 Videos On The Big Screen

🕔11:36, 16.Sep 2008

Watching your MP4 or iTouch in the car (or for that matter any moving confined space) is usually a big no-no, or at least a guaranteed way to suffer from car sickness. unfortunately it wasn’t that easy to play Divx and other files from your computer on your car DVD system. A new model has hit the market, the double DIN 7-inch touchscreen LCD car video DVD player. The player that doesn’t only let you plug anything it lets you load anything up.

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Bluetooth Car Kit, Eyes On The Road And Your Hands Up On The Wheel

🕔12:50, 3.Sep 2008

Who said Bluetooth car kits needed to stay with the car? Check out the Flexible Bluetooth Car Kit with A2DP. The product that won’t only let you take it with you it brings a new meaning to handsfree calling

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Bluetooth Stylus, The Headset That Gets It Write Every Time

🕔11:24, 15.Aug 2008

Here’s a stylus you won’t lose, and it’ll even let you make handsfree phone calls, how can you beat that?

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Bluetooth Cassette Adaptor, Don’t Throw Out Your Tapedeck Just Yet

🕔12:57, 1.Jul 2008

So you liked Chinavasion’s MP3 cassette player. It was light, easy to ship, and sold well amongst people who still have cassette players in their car but who want to take advantage of their digital music files. Then you’re going to love the bluetooth cassette adaptor a gadget that will turn anybodies’ cassette stereo into a handsfree car kit and iPod/MP3 dock rolled into one.

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Bluetooth Mouse, Get Your Mouse To Go Where You Want It To

🕔18:52, 19.May 2008

There’s bluetooth mice that just attach to the computer, we’ve all seen those. But here’s something we haven’t seen before EVER. A bluetooth mouse that will also successfully pair with wireless PS3 controllers. How’s that for the gamer in your life?

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Bluetooth Tooth Lands April Fools Hook, Line and Sinker, Part 2

🕔16:14, 2.Apr 2008

Chinavasion Business News (…Continued from part 1) While you should be able to find evidence of the Bluetooth Microphone Dental Insert we thought we’d put the description here…. The ultimate

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