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China "Bluetooth headset" Guide

Practical guides & tech news about China Bluetooth headsets. Find out the latest Chinese Bluetooth headsets other wholesale electronics trends from China.

Bluetooth Headset Is A Wireless Productivity-Boosting Wonder

🕔10:29, 27.Feb 2009

Here’s a new bluetooth headset that is ‘equally at home with a computer and cell phone’ and would make you the envy of anybody who has ever worked at a call center.

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Bluetooth Headset Likes The PC, Cell Phone…And You

🕔06:00, 9.Feb 2009

Here’s a bluetooth headset that’s more than comfortable…

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The Wrist Phone Has Learnt To Accessorize

🕔19:25, 25.Nov 2008

James Bond and Maxwell Smart eat your heart out. There’s nothing quite like this…

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Stereo Bluetooth Speaker A Bluetooth PC Accessory That Lets Office Workers ‘Down Phones’

🕔19:59, 14.Nov 2008

Making hands free cell phone calls shouldn’t be limited to the car, here’s a …

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Bluetooth Stylus, Guaranteed Clean Screens and Clear Calls

🕔10:07, 3.Sep 2008

Have a PDA or smartphone? Is it always in use? Then the bluetooth stylus should be right on the top of your wishlist for Father’s Day or Christmas.

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Bluetooth Stylus, The Headset That Gets It Write Every Time

🕔11:24, 15.Aug 2008

Here’s a stylus you won’t lose, and it’ll even let you make handsfree phone calls, how can you beat that?

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Water Resistant Bluetooth Headset, Fantastic Headset For The Great Outdoors

🕔17:30, 17.Jun 2008

Do you love taking your iPod or N95 out jogging but hate the wired headphones which limit your movement and can get you tangled up? Then you need to check out this sporty flexible Bluetooth headset. The headset that is light enough to be worn with ease but strong enough to take whatever punishment you can throw at it

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Bluetooth Tooth Lands April Fools Hook, Line and Sinker, Part 2

🕔16:14, 2.Apr 2008

Chinavasion Business News (…Continued from part 1) While you should be able to find evidence of the Bluetooth Microphone Dental Insert we thought we’d put the description here…. The ultimate

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Hey Good Looking — Stylish 2GB MP3 Bluetooth Sunglasses

🕔21:10, 5.Mar 2008

Click this link to learn more about the product: about this product: Silver MP3 + Bluetooth Player Sunglasses – 2GB Flash Memory [CVDLZ-10MY-2] A sexy combination of stylish chic and

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Solar Bluetooth Car Kit Gives You The ‘Heads-Up’ On Callers Whilst Keeping It Green

🕔11:16, 27.Feb 2008

New Bluetooth Car Gadget From China Click on the image below to get more details about this product: Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit (Caller ID) [CVPF-B19] A highly-functional compact bluetooth

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