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China "bluetooth dongle" Guide

Bluetooth Cassette Adaptor, Don’t Throw Out Your Tapedeck Just Yet

🕔12:57, 1.Jul 2008

So you liked Chinavasion’s MP3 cassette player. It was light, easy to ship, and sold well amongst people who still have cassette players in their car but who want to take advantage of their digital music files. Then you’re going to love the bluetooth cassette adaptor a gadget that will turn anybodies’ cassette stereo into a handsfree car kit and iPod/MP3 dock rolled into one.

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Bluetooth Mouse, Get Your Mouse To Go Where You Want It To

🕔18:52, 19.May 2008

There’s bluetooth mice that just attach to the computer, we’ve all seen those. But here’s something we haven’t seen before EVER. A bluetooth mouse that will also successfully pair with wireless PS3 controllers. How’s that for the gamer in your life?

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Dongle Is Small On Size, Big On Bluetooth

🕔12:52, 27.Mar 2008

New Bluetooth Gadget From China Click on the image below to learn more about the product: Micro Bluetooth Dongle [CVSB-014] Take all the hassle out of installing bluetooth accessories onto

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