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China "block phone" Guide

Dual Band Bar Phone Stops Your Hip Pocket From Calling Your Friends And Superiors

🕔22:32, 26.Nov 2008

How many times have you got a call from your friend’s back pocket?

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Quad Band Mobile Phone, International Businessman’s Superphone

🕔19:20, 29.Sep 2008

The sad truth about the world today is that your phone is quite often your life. It’s not just a storage facility for contacts and memories. If it is your business phone it usually cost you over $500 to buy. The last thing you would want is for some Shanghai, Bangkok or Malawi scumbag to take it from you. The solution? A second mobile phone which pretty much does the same thing but costs less, goes to more places and won’t have any problems taking any GSM SIM card. The unlocked quad band mobile phone could be such a phone.

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