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China "android market" Guide

Facebook’s Latest Android Advancement

🕔10:55, 5.Apr 2013

Facebook again is doing things we wish we had thought of first. The latest innovation by Mark Zuckerburg is a software hat is specifically designed for the Android platform. The

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Upgrading Your Excalibur Android Smartphone From Android 1.6 To 2.1 OS

🕔09:00, 2.Sep 2010

Good news! The Excalibur has been upgraded to Android 2.1 by the manufacturer, so when you buy one now it will have the lovely new Android OS!
But wait, what if you already bought one with the old 1.6 OS?
Help is at hand! Follow this ‘how to’ guide and you’ll have your Excalibur upgraded to 2.1 in no time! You’re welcome!

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