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Be An Urban Commando With Chinavasion’s New Throat Mic

🕔09:00, 22.Sep 2010

The Army have all the best gadgets, right? Wrong! Chinavasion are proud to bring you a really cool, noise-cancelling throat mic that Solid Snake would be proud of.
Read on to see why you can benefit from the throat mic today…

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Chinavasion Smart Phone Launch Competition Results

🕔16:26, 20.Sep 2010

We ran a competition last week to celebrate the launch of our newest smart phone. Here we reveal the name of our special new phone and the names of the 5 lucky gadget winners!

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Chinavasion Changes The GPS Game!

🕔09:00, 20.Sep 2010

GPS used to be expensive. GPS used to be limited to ‘big name’ manufacturers.
That was then, China is now.
Read on to see how the advent of GPS from China has changed everything for buyers and resellers of GPS!

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Friday FAQs: GPS, Warranty, Focus On New Products And Android App Of The Week

🕔16:37, 17.Sep 2010

Check in for this week’s look into the world of Chinavasion. This week we look at some questions we’ve been asked, caught up with China news and taken a look at some tempting new tech offerings.

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Chinavasion’s Cheap China Android Smart Phones Are Battling To Win Your Hearts And Minds

🕔13:57, 15.Sep 2010

There is an invasion happening as we speak. The massed ranks of Communist Androids are preparing to invade your pockets and homes.
Their mission? To kill your old phone and win you over.
Adrian plays deep throat to share the Android’s secret with you…

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Calling European Customers! Drop Shipping With Chinavasion Is A Great Way To Make Some Extra Money

🕔09:00, 13.Sep 2010

Europe is still struggling after the financial crisis of 2009/2010. Europeans are having to be more careful than ever with money as energy, fuel, food and accommodation costs are rising. How can you make some extra cash? Become a Chinavasion drop ship reseller, that’s how! Read on to get all of the information that you need to start reselling today!

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Friday FAQs: Lost Orders, Shipping Methods, The Letcool And Android App Of The Week.

🕔17:21, 10.Sep 2010

It’s Friday, so it’s time for our weekly look into the world of Chinavasion. This week we’ve got everything from WM smartphones, blogs, manllows, plane crashes, Android App of the week to a special Car DVD!
Get on board!

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Competition Time! Identify Our Mystery New mobile Phone And Win Prizes!

🕔09:30, 9.Sep 2010

We’re launching a new mobile phone and in celebration we’re offering the first 5 lucky readers to identify it a cool gadget prize! Get your answers in quickly as we close the competition on Sunday the 12th of September!

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Big Brother Is Watching, But You Can Beat Him With GPS Jammers

🕔09:00, 8.Sep 2010

Recently judges in the Western USA have ruled that police can plant a GPS tracker on your car even when it’s in your driveway. What can you do to protect yourself from GPS trackers? Read on to find out more about Chinavasion’s range of GPS jammers.

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Knowledge Is Power: The Chinavasion Knowledgebase

🕔09:00, 6.Sep 2010

The Chinavasion knowledgebase can’t give you the meaning of life, but it can help you with a huge variety of questions from tax, to drop shipping, to troubleshooting. Dive in to a world of answers that bypasses time zones and will give the answers to those questions that have been bugging you 24/7!

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