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Shenzhen Olympic Torch Relay,  The Corner The Relay Forgot

Shenzhen Olympic Torch Relay, The Corner The Relay Forgot

🕔22:27, 8.May 2008

Did you see the Olympic torch relay in Guangdong? Well you’d be luckier than many of the people who rushed to cities like Shenzhen and Guangzhou to see the torch first-hand but were gypped by a last-minute route change. We were there and managed to capture pictures.

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Sleek Clamshell 1080P Camcorder — Light On Weight Heavy On Ability

🕔10:24, 7.May 2008

Why do cameras shed functions and performance when they shed weight? This exciting new clamshell camcorder from Chinavasion is svelte and sexy while still being incredibly useful. Find out more here.

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Fetal Heart Detector With Speaker — The Perfect First Mother’s Day Present

🕔18:05, 6.May 2008

For that first Mothers Day give the gift of reassurance. Here’s a reliable heart rate monitor that is sure to put many expecting couples’ minds at ease at the months before Childbirth

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Fantastic Digital Photo Frame With Wifi — Give Your Mother The Gift Of Memories

🕔10:09, 5.May 2008

One sure way to get your mother yawning at Mother’s Day is to buy her a photo frame. Right? Not if it’s digital, it’s bigger than Ben Huir and it can stream photos from Flikr and Picasa. Meet the digital frame to end all photo frames.

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Mothers Day Great Gadget Gift Ideas Part Two

🕔14:37, 3.May 2008

Looking for that special something for your mom this Mother’s Day? Then you need to check out this blog where we give you the list of items that will be perfect for absolutely any mom.

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Mothers Day Great Gadget Gift Ideas Part One

🕔13:32, 3.May 2008

Looking for something to make your mom smile this Mothers’ Day? Look no further. Here is the definitive list of gift which has something for every mother.

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China News, Inflation Hits Exporters Where It Hurts

🕔10:44, 2.May 2008

The global slowdown is finally hitting China where it hurts. Read here to find out what’s going on in the China business world.

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Chinavasion Celebrates May Day

🕔14:29, 30.Apr 2008

Workers the world over, it’s time to lay down your tools and take a well-earned day off. May 1st, Labour Day, May Day, the day of the worker will be tomorrow and it’s time for everybody everywhere to give themselves

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🕔10:20, 29.Apr 2008

The kids all want to watch the wiggles but you feel that, if you hear “mashed potato, mashed potato” one more time you’re going to put your fist through the telvision set. What you need is a Portable Multimedia DVD

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Spy Surveillance Cameras — Is Your Security Camera Tough Enough?

🕔08:25, 28.Apr 2008

Do you live in a less than desirable neighborhood and often wonder how you’ll keep your family and belongings safe? Then you’ll need this vandal proof day and night dome camera, a surveillance camera that will keep on filming no

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Home Security System — Protect Your Family And Belongings

🕔21:19, 25.Apr 2008

Is your house in a neighbourhood that is frequently targeted by burglars? Are you worried about the safety of your family and your bellongings? Then you need this home alarm system, A system guaranteed to alert you and the authorities

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Portable GPS Jammer — Keep Your Boss In The Office Where He Belongs

🕔22:03, 23.Apr 2008

Do you spend half of your life in a company car? Do you get sick of your company knowing exactly where you are at any time, regardless of whether you’re on the clock or not? Then you need this covert

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