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Times are changing, 8GB USB watch

🕔18:14, 17.May 2008

Ever felt the need to cut down on the assorted things that we modern professionals need to carry each day? We have and we’ve managed to find a handy new 8GB USB watch! Click here to find out more.

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Gadget Shop Owners Get New Chinavasion RSS Uber Feed

Gadget Shop Owners Get New Chinavasion RSS Uber Feed

🕔19:12, 16.May 2008

Chinavasion is making it easier for you to keep ahead of your competitors with the latest gadgets, generate more interest and get more sales. Click here to find out about Chinavasion’s new RSS feed

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Spy Camera Sunglasses, Just In Time For Summer

🕔12:19, 16.May 2008

Summer is just around the corner so it must be time for a new pair of sunglasses? What about a pair with a stealthy recording function? Just don’t tell your partner about them and you’ll be fine. Promise.

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Sichuan Earthquake Victims Get Help From Chinavasion Staff

Sichuan Earthquake Victims Get Help From Chinavasion Staff

🕔20:22, 15.May 2008

The Sichuan Earthquake touched at the nerve of many people and the world gave generously to help out. Chinavasion also did its part.

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Chinavasion On The World Wide Web, Mobile Phone And Firewall Frenzy

🕔12:38, 15.May 2008

The 2008 Webbys have been announced, do you want to know who won? Of course you do. Then read on for that plus a look at why Yahoo turned down Microsoft’s bid and see what else went on in the gadget blogs this week.

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Chinavasion Launches New Wholesale Mobile Phone Category, Breaking News

Chinavasion Launches New Wholesale Mobile Phone Category, Breaking News

🕔19:47, 14.May 2008

Are you ready for today’s big news. Chinavasion is finally selling unlocked cell phones. In a move that is sure to fill ecommerce and eBay resellers with joy everywhere Chinavasion has listened to customer’s recent demands and started stocking cell phones.

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Don’t Substitute Quality For Price, Get One of These Car DVD Players

🕔12:03, 13.May 2008

Looking for a car DVD that will hook up happily with your iPod but keep it away from prying eyes? You’ve found it. This new high quality car DVD is definitely one worth checking out.

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Spy Pen Camcorder — A Supreme Spy Gadget

🕔11:01, 12.May 2008

Want to find out what’s happening behind your back at the office? We’ve got the pen for you. A camcorder disguised as a pen which won’t only capture images it will capture sound as well.

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Shenzhen Olympic Torch Relay,  The Corner The Relay Forgot

Shenzhen Olympic Torch Relay, The Corner The Relay Forgot

🕔22:27, 8.May 2008

Did you see the Olympic torch relay in Guangdong? Well you’d be luckier than many of the people who rushed to cities like Shenzhen and Guangzhou to see the torch first-hand but were gypped by a last-minute route change. We were there and managed to capture pictures.

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Sleek Clamshell 1080P Camcorder — Light On Weight Heavy On Ability

🕔10:24, 7.May 2008

Why do cameras shed functions and performance when they shed weight? This exciting new clamshell camcorder from Chinavasion is svelte and sexy while still being incredibly useful. Find out more here.

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Fetal Heart Detector With Speaker — The Perfect First Mother’s Day Present

🕔18:05, 6.May 2008

For that first Mothers Day give the gift of reassurance. Here’s a reliable heart rate monitor that is sure to put many expecting couples’ minds at ease at the months before Childbirth

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Fantastic Digital Photo Frame With Wifi — Give Your Mother The Gift Of Memories

🕔10:09, 5.May 2008

One sure way to get your mother yawning at Mother’s Day is to buy her a photo frame. Right? Not if it’s digital, it’s bigger than Ben Huir and it can stream photos from Flikr and Picasa. Meet the digital frame to end all photo frames.

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