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Projector Phone Takes Cool To Next Level

🕔17:10, 26.Sep 2008

How cool would it be to pull out your cell phone and use it just like a projector? It’s possible and it just might be the coolest thing we see this year. Update it was, and it’s still cool in 2009.

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Internet Makes Digital Picture Frame Essential Desk Gadget

Internet Makes Digital Picture Frame Essential Desk Gadget

🕔04:11, 25.Sep 2008

Would you like a cute digital photo frame for your cubicle that’ll also show Google Calendar appointments and Yahoo Weather Forecasts? Here is one cute digital picture frame with internet features that’ll let you do that.

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Car DVD Players, How 1DIN Car DVD Players Rule The Roost

Car DVD Players, How 1DIN Car DVD Players Rule The Roost

🕔18:11, 23.Sep 2008

Do you want the coolest car DVD players on the market today? You could be forgiven for thinking that you need a 2 DIN system but you’d be wrong. Here are two cool 1 DIN car DVD players that will change the way you think about car DVD players.

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Car DVD With DVB-T Puts Digital Television On The Move

🕔01:12, 23.Sep 2008

There’s a broadcast revolution happening in the television, every country in the world is switching from analog signals to digital. Unfortunately car DVD players are struggling to keep up with the changeover and if you’re looking for a car DVD player to keep up with the change then you’re going to have to drop a fair amount of dosh. There’s another option, the 1 DIN car DVD player with DVB-T and a 5 inch touchscreen LCD screen.

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China To Stop Work In October, Are You Ready For National Day Holiday?

China To Stop Work In October, Are You Ready For National Day Holiday?

🕔15:56, 22.Sep 2008

If the Olympics hadn’t caused enough problems of exporters, wholesale dropshippers and anybody else sourcing from China then this definitely will. The country is shutting down for a week. It’s the National Day Holiday Break and anybody looking to get anything to them from China next week had better get their order in by Thursday, September 25th.

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Wireless Rearview Backup Camera Kit Makes Installation As Easy As 1 2 3

🕔18:15, 20.Sep 2008

How many have your hands followed your neck when you’re trying to reverse slamming you into a tree, building or into the bumper of some sue-happy citizen? And while back-up camera systems are great putting the damn things in your car/truck or RV isn’t… Finally though someone’s seen the light and have released a wireless rear view camera system, the wireless rearview backup camera kit with camera and monitor.

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Mobile Phone Solar Charger — Keeps Your Phone On Green For Go

🕔15:58, 19.Sep 2008

How many times has this happened to you….you’re in the middle of an important phone call and the phone cuts out on you. And you know that you’re not going to be able to get in contact with them until you get back to the office? It doesn’t matter if its your date, a client or your dealer you’re never a happy camper. Here’s a solution to that problem, the mobile phone solar charger.

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Sort Out Your Clutter… New Digital Frame With Internet Features Brings Office Into Digital Age

🕔15:40, 18.Sep 2008

If you’re like anyone in an office these days you’re gradually trying to squeeze yourself into a smaller and smaller space. Here’s a gadget that might help you remain and keep your appointments at the same time. The 2.4 inch LCD digital photoframe with internet features, shazzam.

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Meet The MP3 That Sparkles As Much As Your Songs

🕔18:41, 16.Sep 2008

Do you need a MP3 player necklace to make life fun again? Don’t want something dull and boring and predictable? You’ve got to check out this MP3 player necklace from Chinavasion. The MP3 player with glam.

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Double DIN Car DVD Puts Divx MP4 Videos On The Big Screen

🕔11:36, 16.Sep 2008

Watching your MP4 or iTouch in the car (or for that matter any moving confined space) is usually a big no-no, or at least a guaranteed way to suffer from car sickness. unfortunately it wasn’t that easy to play Divx and other files from your computer on your car DVD system. A new model has hit the market, the double DIN 7-inch touchscreen LCD car video DVD player. The player that doesn’t only let you plug anything it lets you load anything up.

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SATA Hard Disks Vs SSD, Because Flash Isn’t Always Good

SATA Hard Disks Vs SSD, Because Flash Isn’t Always Good

🕔19:23, 13.Sep 2008

Interested in getting a whole lot of data from one place to another? Get ready for the USB enclosure face off where we pit SATA hard drives and HDD enclosures against high volume portable SDD drives.

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HD Multimedia LCD Projector, Get That 120-Inch Home Theater for Under 500 Bucks

🕔12:14, 12.Sep 2008

It was pretty exciting news when Panasonic previewed it’s 150 inch HD plasma TV at CES this year but for the average person there were two problems: A, they wouldn’t be able to get it into their house. And, B, if somebody was lucky enough to live in a barn gadget watchers predicted the thing would cost $150000 when it’s released in 2009. Here’s a HD multimedia LCD projector with 120 inch display that will give you almost as big a screen for less than 500.

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