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Chinavasion’s Choice: Mithril Smartphone – 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU, 5.8 Inch IPS Screen, 320PPI

Chinavasion’s Choice: Mithril Smartphone – 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU, 5.8 Inch IPS Screen, 320PPI

🕔22:42, 13.Mar 2013

Experience one of the fastest Android Phones available on the market with this “Mithril” Android 4.1 Quad Core Phone. Powered by the brand new 1.2GHz MTK6589 Quad Core CPU, the “Mithril”

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Online Reseller News! Chinavasion’s Top 3 Christmas Gift Ideas For 2010

🕔09:45, 24.Nov 2010

Christmas is almost upon us, but if you’re reselling gadgets then here are 3 surefire Christmas hits that you need in your store before the big day. Read on and then get ordering!

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Be An Urban Commando With Chinavasion’s New Throat Mic

🕔09:00, 22.Sep 2010

The Army have all the best gadgets, right? Wrong! Chinavasion are proud to bring you a really cool, noise-cancelling throat mic that Solid Snake would be proud of.
Read on to see why you can benefit from the throat mic today…

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Chinavasion’s Cheap China Android Smart Phones Are Battling To Win Your Hearts And Minds

🕔13:57, 15.Sep 2010

There is an invasion happening as we speak. The massed ranks of Communist Androids are preparing to invade your pockets and homes.
Their mission? To kill your old phone and win you over.
Adrian plays deep throat to share the Android’s secret with you…

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7.5Gbps Mobile Speed Record

7.5Gbps Mobile Speed Record

🕔14:51, 20.Oct 2014

The 3G network is common place these days and the number of people getting online with the new 4G, LTE network is increasing as consumers enjoy the better speeds for

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What To Look For In A Smartwatch

What To Look For In A Smartwatch

🕔23:26, 29.Nov 2014

If you are on the market for a new smartwatch, there are a few things you may want to consider. From display to watchstrap, make sure you get exactly what

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Google VS The World Over The Dominance Of Android

🕔13:48, 10.Apr 2013

The Korean Peninsula is not the only thing that has enough tension to kick off a major thermal-nuclear war, the knifes are out in the technology industry as well. Google

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Saving or trying to save a wet phone.

🕔10:59, 17.Dec 2012

Have you ever dropped your phone in the sink, split a beer on it or even fell into the pits of the watery hell known as the toilet? When this

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Why does Apple refuse to use Micro USB? And where are the cheap China Lightning cables?

🕔21:34, 30.Oct 2012

Yes, it’s definitely a “First World Problem” – but what a classic one: Apple brings out its new devices with a completely new connector standard called “Lightning” and even the

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Monthly Chinavasion YouTube Videos Roundup – July, 2011

🕔14:24, 3.Aug 2011

phosphor watch
Check out Chinavasion monthly videos roundup – July

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