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A General List Of Products That Can Be Imported From China

If you are keen to profit from importing products from China, but you have no idea what product area to look at, here is a list traditionally popular products that are often imported from China. See the general list of category areas, for you to read through and get some brainwaves!

The list includes consumer goods and commercial-type products including many famous import items from china.

UPDATE: Currently the hottest wholesale items from China are mainly related to Electronics and gadgets. Visit our latest China product updates page for more inspiration on this category of products.

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UPDATE: This blog post was updated on 13th of March 2015.

List of China Product Categories for Import

So here’s the list of items made in China: what can be imported from china?

China Garment Product List

Fashion Wear and Casual Wear
Occasional Wear
Pajamas and Underwear
Sports Wear
Kids Wear
Special Garments
Garment Fabrics
Fashion Accessories
Garment Fittings

China Office Items & Furniture Listchina furniture

Pens and Writing Instruments
File Storage Products
Office Items
Paper Products
Desk Decorations
General Office Supplies
Domestic Furniture
Hotel and Restaurant Furniture
Office Furniture
Medical Furniture
Outdoor Furniture
Public Furniture
Other Furniture
Semi-manufactured Furniture
Furniture Accessories

Toys Categoryrc toys

Baby Toys
Electric Toys
Remote-Controlled Toys
Clockwork Toys
Games (action)
Educational Games and Toys
Plush and Cloth Toys
Riding Vehicles
Musical Toys
Inflatable Toys
Toy Accessories

Chinese Toolstools set

Hand Tools
Electric Tools
Pneumatic Tools
Hydraulic Pressure Tools
Welding Tools
Machine Tools
Incising Tools
Farm Implements

Chinese Building & Hardware Categoryhardware deco

Builders Hardware
Door-and-window Hardware
Furniture Hardware
Ornamental Hardware
Locks and Fittings
Silk Screens
Welding Materials
Low-pressure Valves
Water Heating Equipment
Foundry Goods and Forged Pieces

Gift Accessories & Decorations

Paper Products and Packing Products
Paintings, Pictures and Frames
Advertising Gifts and Presents
Jewellery, Bone Carvings & Jade Carvings
Home Decorations
Festival and Party Decorations
Religious Decorations

Wholesale Kitchen & Kitchen Ware kitchen tools china wholesale import

General Ceramics
Tableware Ceramics
Kitchenware Ceramics
Horticultural and Gardening Ceramics
Art Ceramics
Resin Crafts

China Food & Beverage List


Suitcases & Bags

Fashion Bags and Accessories

Import from China Guides

Once you’ve decided what product you want to import, click the image below to discover how to import from China. This includes easy step by step guides, useful checklists, as well as common mistakes to avoid.

Learn How We Can Help With Importing Products From China

Other Goods That Can Be Imported From China

Home Textiles
Sanitary and Bathroom Textiles
Table Textiles
Kitchen Textiles
Light Sources
Lamps and Lights
Light Fittings
Lighting Fixtures
Audio-video Products
Computer Products
Communication Products
Business Automation Equipment
Electronic Security Equipment
Electronic and Electrical Products
Computer Software
Other Electronics & IT Products
Photographic Supplies
Printing Apparatus
Universal Machinery
Home Sewing Machines and Parts
Weaving Supplies
Element Parts of Machinery
Varied Models of Complete Plants
Large-scale Machinery and Equipment
Other Machinery & Equipment
Building Materials
Metal Building Materials
Chemical Building Materials
Glass Building Materials
Cement Products
Building Ceramics
Floors and Flooring Materials
Stones, Tiles and Bricks
Doors, Windows and Walls
Ceilings and Partitions
Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment
Decorative Materials
Reed Curtain and Reed Products
Rush Products
Straw Products
Rattan Products
Willow Products
Bamboo Weaving Products
Natural Plant Wickerwork Articles
Wooden and Bamboo Arts
Wooden and Bamboo Products for Daily Use
Flowers and Seedlings
Dried Flowers
Artificial Flowers
Horticultural Tools and Outdoor Equipment
Horticultural Items
Pet Fish and Pet Birds
Pet care items
Pet food
Cleaning and Supplies
Bathroom Accessories
Body-care Items
General Houseware Items
Stone Carvings
Large Iron Products
Other Garden Decorations
Textile Raw Materials
Special Woven Fabrics
Non-woven Fabrics and Industrial Cloth
Garment Accessories
Furs and Fur Products
Leather and Leather Products
Down and Down Products
Cashmere and Cashmere Products
Medical Instruments
Health-care Products and Instruments
Beauty and Body-care Products
Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines
Traditional Medicine products
Kitchen Electrical Appliances
Refrigerators and Refrigeration Equipment
Air Conditioners and Ventilation Equipment
Washers and Dryers
Specialist Small Electrical Appliances
Vehicle Spare Parts
Bicycles and Motorcycles
Chemical Products
Minerals Metallurgy and Non-ferrous Metal Minerals
Civil-construction Engineering Machinery
Farming and Forestry Machinery
Power Machinery
Sporting Goods
Casual Goods
Musical Instruments
Chess and Card Games
Gambling and Casino products
Sporting Souvenirs and Trophies
Outdoor Tour Articles
Native Produce
Animal By-products
Forest Products
Table Accessories and Houseware Decorative Items

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  1. anand s rathi August 14, 20:51

    i want brought chaines atoms for seels

  2. Irtiza Syed May 7, 14:08

    Please help what kind of product we can import from China

  3. SamLin May 7, 15:07

    Can you specify your question? There are many types of products made in China, so there is a lot of choice.

  4. waseem May 9, 20:54


  5. Firoz June 8, 20:44

    Can I get a list of tools, electric items, general hardware with price. I am in Ugandan.

  6. SamLin June 9, 09:39

    Hi Firoz, you can easily download the list in ‘My Account’. Simply click ‘data feeds’. Afterwards, you can select for which categories you would like the item/price list. Let me know if you’ve questions!

  7. masenate June 15, 19:26

    i want to know the shipping costs because i’m from lesotho

  8. Payal Agarwal June 18, 18:26


  9. afoke June 20, 11:48

    I want to know the price for bulk paper air freshener of little tress and California scent of 1500 piece and the cost to bring it to delta state nigeria. This is my

  10. James Mash June 23, 09:24

    If you have an inquiry about one of our products or sourcing a product and postal costs for it then please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help with your questions. Check our support center page here for the best way to contact us.

  11. Babar Latif July 28, 19:46

    Which food items i can import from China? ??

  12. James Mash July 29, 14:14

    I think this is more depended on what country you are importing to. Many do not allow seeds or some live plants. Most places should be OK with dried and cured foods but it would be best to check with the country you are importing too.

  13. Divij jain August 30, 13:32

    Can i buy raw incense sticks from china

  14. Rumi September 2, 18:15

    how do if import LED Light from China?

  15. James Mash September 4, 09:13

    You can buy LED lights from our site and we take care of the shipping arrangements, however depending on the quantity and country you are importing to, there could be some taxes. If you contact our Customer Service team, by submitting a ticket from this webpage or via email at we would be happy to provide further advice and assistance.

  16. Mynul September 23, 18:08

    Which food item import from your china ? Long time fresh & Low price . Please inform me.

  17. rahul malviya September 26, 22:17

    i want to import fashion items for girls and boys … what is the procedure of import items from china ..

  18. Mebre December 9, 03:27

    Hey any one knows how to supply around 10 cotton of a small material to Pakistan from China?

  19. lalit.m February 2, 15:09

    can you provide the product price list in china

  20. James Mash February 2, 17:14

    For many of these electronics products you can check our website for the prices. its nor practical to add a price list to the blog as the prices can and do change a lot over time, especially with changes in currency and developments in new tech etc. If you want the very latest price for a product on our site please feel free to contact our support team, they are always happy to help.

  21. iidjsd February 3, 18:25

    plz stop china product and support to india

  22. Himanshu March 19, 12:04

    I want funiture

  23. nafeez March 30, 01:56

    I want import usead laptops & mobils too india

  24. google April 18, 20:20

    i dont care !!!!!!!

  25. mukesh gada May 5, 21:33

    i want import boric acid powder small pkg in our own brand give me knowledge

  26. suyog May 7, 18:32

    i want to import toys fancy items electronic items

  27. HIREN Lakhani May 10, 14:46

    I want import machinery and LED lights , and solar plant to manufacture in india . I want always uses items …….

  28. Fatema May 11, 20:04

    Needed address of electrical appliances sold at wholesale price from china

  29. Kumar June 5, 02:04

    Do you know where I can find direct wholesalers or I can order direct from the manufacturers?
    I am from India.

  30. James Mash June 6, 09:25

    Hi Kumar,

    We would be happy to help you any way we can, just drop us an email with your requirements, what products you need and we would be happy to work with you on finding a supplier.

  31. Ashish June 20, 02:59

    I want to buy human albumin serum20% in 100 ml from china and import in india.kindly help

  32. Vinod Agarwal June 23, 12:24


    i want to import carpet of medium gsm , can you please provide me the details

    Thanks and Regards

  33. Nooruddi June 27, 12:21

    I am looking for good manufacturer/suppliers for infant and children are of 0-12 years boys/ girls clothing from china. I am based on Bangalore India with nearest port Chennai

  34. pradeep August 1, 18:32

    I want import LED lights to manufacture in india . I want always uses items

  35. kunal August 29, 22:45

    I Wana do business with Chinese market.
    Give me some ideas n information

  36. Bharath Gopalan September 1, 08:40

    Yes definitely this type of blogs are really help for people great job.
    importing from china

  37. Shiv kumar joshi September 8, 00:40

    Your products r interested in Your products

  38. Sandeep Awasthi September 18, 02:23

    Please give me china school and office stationery importer name and contact no.

  39. Arvind Kumar September 30, 03:21

    I want to all Chinese brand names to acknowledge my all friends to not purchase any Chinesethings because China help Pakistan to kill our army and citizens.

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