GPS Devices: How To Download, Install & Update Maps On GPS Devices Guide

12.6.2009. | 18:35

gps devices portabel
Remember those days when you were trying to get somewhere but your view was blocked by a huge paper map? What about having to park and take out your map, spread it on the hood of your car, and then figure out where you were? How did you feel? Frustrated! Those days are now behind us thanks to the wonders of GPS Navigation. In fact I wouldn’t know where to begin if I didn’t have my trustworthy portable GPS navigator with me these days.

And while there’s lots of GPS handheld devices on the market and several reliable GPS software providers sometimes the software provider doesn’t have the device you want and the device maker doesn’t carry the software you want. Some less than honest merchants have even tried passing off trial or cracked software as the real thing on their GPS units.

Before we start, Chinavasion has come to the party with a wide range of GPS handheld devices ready for any GPS software that you might want to throw on it, at really low prices. Just like our phones we provide GPS devices without software, ready for you to load on whichever suits you. There is a lot of choices, to checkout our range of portable GPS devices, if you haven’t got one yourself yet.


What? A Portable GPS without software?!

It’s simple! Your new Chinavasion GPS device only comes loaded with trial software just to let you make sure that it works, however we let you choose which software you finally use by giving you an ‘unlocked’ GPS which is basically empty and save you money by not forcing you to pay for maps you don’t need.

Let’s look at Garmin. If you buy a Garmin you have to use their software (maps). In fact, if you buy any GPS from the high street it will come loaded with its manufacturer’s software (maps). This not only takes the freedom to choose, often better, software away from you, but also increases the price a lot as you’re paying extra for the software.


Take Control By Downloading Maps For Free

OK, I’ve bought my GPS and I’m trying to choose the right software, what should I choose?

There are a number of providers who do a better job in different parts of the world (View the results on GPS provider poll to see what other Chinavasion customers prefer). Also speak to friends, colleagues and check discussions on the internet (such as a facebook group for TomTom for instance) for guidance and ideas about which software is good in your region.

Here are some of the better-known GPS software providers:

  • TomTom
  • Route 66
  • Magellan


Download GPS Maps For Free

You could spend big money on a manufacturer’s software…or you could download it for free from the internet. You decide!

Check out Chinavasion’s GPS Explained article for further information on how and where to find FREE GPS software!


Easy Step by Step Installation Guide

Follow this step-by step guide on how to install the GPS software on our 5 Inch touchscreen GPS Unit [CVGY-CS19] But it doesn’t really matter which of our models you buy, the system should be the same or very similar.

The first thing to do is to put the SD card the software is on into the SD card slot:

As soon as you power up this model you see a screen with various media options including: Music, GPS, Video, Photo, Settings, and Flash.

Select setting then tap the setting image as shown above to get into the setting menu.

Once you are in the settings menu you will need to find the navigational path option, this could be on the first page of options but if it isn’t press the arrow button to see if it is in the second menu.

Now you are in the file selection menu and your job is to find an .exe file to initiate the GPS software. To do this in this model you hit the arrow button beside a file entry point. This is a little like the search button on Google.

Hopefully a folder will appear on the screen, much like it does in your computer. Double click on it to see the contents and look for the file marked exe.

Ah, there it is.

Once you’ve found it doubleclick on it and you will be taken back to the screen one step back.

The main difference between this screen and the last time you saw it should be that now there is a file listed on the screen. All you need to do is save that file:

And exit to the settings menu.

And that’s it you just need to exit back to the main menu and select the GPS option and you will never be without a map again.



12.6.2009. | 18:35
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  1. antonio July 13, 04:05

    I just want to know that amount of RAM owns Navigator CVIO CS21. This is to understand what vesion of TomTom can install.
    Thank you

  2. Gareth July 14, 14:55

    Hi Antonio,

    That model has 128mb of Flash ROM and 64mb of SDRAM.

    I hope that helps

  3. João F. July 14, 23:41

    Could you tell me what to do to install 2 or 3 navigators.
    I recently bought one gps in this site.

    My best regards,


  4. Gareth July 21, 17:15

    Hi João,

    Thank you very much for your question and for buying a GPS from us. In answer to your question these units have the RAM capabilities to run only one piece of GPS software at a time and we would not recommend installing two systems.

  5. antonio July 17, 00:01

    thank you!

  6. rui July 21, 01:15

    where do I get the maps?

  7. Gareth July 21, 16:44

    Hi Rui,

    You can get the maps by looking online for GPS maps for your region, or by getting in contact with your local GPS provider.

  8. marcio August 28, 01:29

    This device works in Japan? thanks

  9. Gareth August 29, 10:17

    Hi marcio,

    Yes these devices should work in Japan

  10. Jack September 11, 12:57

    How can I deinstall the second GPS-software if I install it?

  11. Mark Sanderson September 28, 05:38

    Can I install Route 66 ( On cd ) that I got with the Nokia 6110 Navigator onto the unit?

  12. Gareth September 28, 12:02

    Hi Mark,

    No you cannot as that will be set up for simbian OS when our GPS Devices work on a windows mobile platform.

  13. Richard September 29, 14:40

    Would you be able to provide a link to any tomtom software that will work on your gps devices… OR could you give me the exact names of tomtom software that will work on your devices?? TomTom’s website onloy offer TomTom Home which runs on your PC at home.

  14. Joseph October 8, 17:48

    If i copy the gps map from sim card to another .Do you tell me if it’s works ?

  15. Ben October 9, 02:33

    HI…i’m really glad that i found this page. This is probably a stupid question. I want to have TOMTOM software running on my device.
    I take it that to do this, i don’t just buy the map..i need to buy their software which i think is called ‘navigator’? Their site keeps showing what devices it can be used for, but obviously my one isn’t listed as it’s not a smartphone or mobile pda.
    Could you help at all?

  16. Gareth October 10, 17:01

    Hi Ben,

    The software that you are looking for is probably TomTom 5 for GPS Receiver.

    However, before buying we recommend you take the demos they have on the site, install it on your GPS unit and test it out. If it works then you can buy the full version, if it doesn’t then try a different version of the software.

  17. Anton October 9, 20:29

    Today I received the GPS mentioned Above. I’m trying to put some music and video’s on the SD card, but it seems to be full. Is this the case? How do I put my own files on this device?


  18. Gareth October 10, 11:24

    Hi Anton,

    GPS software normally takes up quite a lot of space but you should still be able to get a few songs onto there. It will also work with a 4GB USB card if you need to put more on there

    If you’ve got any more questions about the GPS reader you might want to send an email to our support staff at

  19. jsarrio October 9, 21:25

    In the GPS that there is integrated at DVD’s systems of the cars, GPS can also put on the check marks that say in the devices, and another question that these devices have internal memory, refer me to Flux Capacitor the 7 inch Dual Zone Car DVD System ( GPS + DVB T )

  20. Josh October 12, 16:37

    I recently purchased a CVFX-C02 car multimedia system. The gps runs on windows ce but i cant get any tomotm software to work on it. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Josh

  21. Gareth May 20, 13:13

    Can you check out our page on GPS Navigation 101 for information?

  22. Anton October 18, 04:55

    I solved my problem:
    – It was not Igo, but the SD card that is corrupted (quality?)
    – With Recuva, I was able to restore the files on the SD card. They were still on the card, but not visible without Recuva.
    – I copied the restored files to another SD card, and everything seems to work well.

    My remaining question: Is there any risk of losing functionality/license when copying the files to another SD card?


  23. majlinda October 22, 14:23

    hello,I want to buy a Street Ninja 7 Inch Car DVD Player System with DVB-T and GPS from Chinavasion.Please,tell me which is software more probably for it

  24. majlinda October 22, 14:25

    i travell in the Europe and Balkan

  25. Anton October 29, 05:11

    After getting iGO8 to work I’m trying to upgrade to 8.3. No matter what I try, I get the “application database not found” error. I guess this has something to do with the “[folders]” segment in “sys.txt”. I tried all (well, I think all) options, but still the same error. Does anyone know how to solve this?


  26. Anton October 31, 19:55

    Hi There,

    Everything solved. To see how, go to, starting with post 410


  27. Paul November 11, 12:43

    I have bought a Chinese GPS and tried to run Destnator on it…….. BUT it will NOT read the SATELLITES. The same SD card used on a locally bought similar unit DOES read the Satellites.

    Does any body know how to get it to work Please

    Thank you

  28. Gareth May 20, 11:56

    We have answered this in our GPS Navigation 101 troubleshooting section.

  29. anthony November 13, 17:40

    Flux Capacitor 7 Inch Dual Zone Car DVD System (GPS)
    were can i get a map 4 this gps that work i got a tomtom 300 and it did not work what can i do

  30. Gareth May 20, 11:53

    Hi Anthony,

    Can you check out our page on GPS Navigation 101 for information?

  31. ilja December 7, 18:02

    Hi, I have the street Ninja 7″ and I have problems to runn IGO8.3! Can anybody give me a running sys.txt?

    thank you!

  32. Astrid December 13, 06:44

    I just bought a GPS in this web and I can´t download any gps software in my device, may somebody tell me a webpage where I can get one software that works???, It´s been very hard to find it!!! thank you

  33. Dario Ferrer December 15, 06:37

    Hello I just got a gps from this website, but I cannot find a software that Works can someone please help me with this thank you

  34. brian February 6, 01:43

    Hi There,
    I have just bought iGO 8.3 for UK/Irl and cannot get it to work in my” street ninja “which I got on this website the route 66 evaluation I got with the unit works Ok
    Can you help ?
    PS the unit the fits into the 2003 Subaru Forester perfectly

  35. Gareth February 6, 17:13

    Hi Brian,

    Could we check whether or not iGo 8.3 runs using Windows CE version 6? The Street Ninja uses a Windows CE 5 OS and Windows CE 6 software is known to have problems with CE 5 OS systems on occasion.

  36. brian February 6, 23:30

    Hi Gareth,
    I will try to find out whether it uses win CE 6 or 5 from the supplier in the meantime I have looked up the sys file and it reads %SDCARD%iGO8 and looking at previous blogs I saw that this was changed to read %SDMMC%iGO8 which I think from the blog this worked.
    I can get to a point in the setup which reads SDMMC2577 autorun exe but when I hit OK nothing happens.
    Am I on the wrong track

  37. ata February 9, 03:10

    I need to update maps of europe route 66
    because the maps are very old
    my gps CVJY-C29]

  38. Gareth February 9, 11:20

    Hi ata,

    Thanks for your comment, as a rule we don’t offer any software support for our GPS units because of the variances in which works best for which region. If there was software that came with it it was for evaluation purposes only and you should go to your GPS agent and get a genuine copy of the software.

  39. James February 15, 00:19

    Just bought a King Cobra from you guys.. I’m installing it and I need to know what the “back” (orange) wire is for, and what to connect it to. I have done a Google search didn’t find any clear answers.

  40. MARCIO February 25, 03:20



  41. Gareth March 2, 09:06

    Hi Marcio,

    All our GPS devices come with trial software only. As a result it will be up to you to find them. You should be able to find them by looking online for a GPS software vendor or going to your local GPS software shop.

  42. Bero March 17, 17:05

    I bought few month ago Road King 7 Inch High-Def Car DVD Player with GPS and DVB-T, I installed few software but after using the gps for 15 or 20 minutes it will stop responding and get a message in chinese, now I am using a full version of polnav and still have the same problem, could you please help me thanks

  43. Gareth May 5, 15:19

    Hi Bero,

    If it was professionally installed, we’ll accept the return. It’s difficult for us to troubleshoot without hands on testing. Also what software did you install?

  44. Mike March 30, 01:37

    Hi Ali,

    I bought from CVasion a Road King 7 Inch High-Def Car DVD Player with GPS and DVB-T with a trial
    softwhere for route66. I tried to install Tom Tom but is failing. After the installation it refusing to start. Can you tell me what I must do with this specific model ?

    Thank you



  45. Gareth May 20, 11:23

    Hi Mike,

    One thing we would suggest is finding your local car DVD/GPS specialist and asking them for help.

    IF there’s a problem with the GPS itself you are more than welcome to get in contact with us at

  46. Freyah March 31, 19:51

    I bought the King Cobra and the Pocketmaps but they don’t seem to work. It runs with Windows CE 5. Can someone help? Which type of GPS software should I buy for it and how do I set it up?


  47. Luis April 6, 13:48

    I purchased CVGY-CS18 and when I was trying to setup software I do not know what I did wrong but the word “Update Done” is shown in the upper left corner and I cannot move from there no menus or graphics, even I can not turn the device off. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the trial software because I believe I erased it accidentaly. Please advise if possible.

  48. Gareth May 5, 15:17

    Hi Luis,

    I’m sorry to say but that sounds like a firmware flash. Our apologies but firmware flashes void the warranty.

  49. Luke Haskell April 14, 10:06

    I purchased a budget stereo gps from Chinavasion and I installed Nav n go on sd. Everything seems to work except the stereo can not find a gps signal. Help?

  50. Gareth May 5, 15:07

    Hi Luke,

    Could we check if the Nav n go a pirated version or the real thing? Could you also make sure that the GPS antenna attached and in plain view? If this doesn’t work, please contact our customer support dept for a return.

  51. Raj Kumar April 16, 07:01

    Please tell me how much is the Price of the
    Software of
    GuideStar – 4.3 Inch Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigator
    to be able to get the GPS to run in Australia?

  52. Gareth April 19, 09:14

    Hi Raj,

    The GPS unit currently costs 114 Australian dollars, it should work in Australia and you should be able to check it out on it’s product page GuideStar – 4.3 Inch Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigator

  53. steph April 25, 02:12

    Hi,I bought the Stargate 7′ touch screnn with gps, and it does not come with any soft ware, does any one know to get gps software for this, can I download a certain one,or can I buy a certain one on a sd card? please help!! I dont know what brand this is compatible with….

  54. Gareth May 20, 11:20

    Hi Steph,

    Could you please check out our page on GPS, GPS Navigation 101 it should help you get the answers you need

  55. Andrey May 15, 19:13

    Hi Bero
    How did you INSTALL gps software on road king 7″. I’ve got TomTom and Sygic software, but have no idea how to install it in to my dvd player.

  56. Gareth May 20, 17:12

    Hi Andrey,

    Hit the GPS icon, go into NAV SETUP and you’ll be given the opportunity to browse for your GPS .exe file. Once you’ve found it, save the path so that the unit can go to there each time to run GPS. Then run GPS.

  57. Jim May 24, 23:56

    I have a CVFX-C23… 7 inch double din DVD.. I am having trouble loading up TomTom GPS software to the unit. Which TomTom software works with this unit? Thanks

  58. Gareth May 26, 16:32

    Hi Jim,

    We cannot help with GPS software selection any more than saying the software you need to select needs to be compatible with Windows CE 5.0.

    One thing you might want to do is to take a look at the forums listed on our GPS navigation page. Somebody on those forums might have the answer you are after.

  59. Terry Williams May 25, 23:22

    I need to order or find out where to order route 66 for my GPS.

  60. Gareth May 26, 16:25

    Hi Terry,

    As we have said previously GPS navigation software isn’t something we can help you with. One thing you might want to try (as cold as it sounds) is to Google Route 66 you will probably be able to purchase the software you need off the official site.

  61. Tom June 22, 11:41

    I too purchased the King Cobra and have 2 questions that I must have answered;-

    1) The problem I believe is not with 3rd party GPS software but with the N-500 antenna itself. Using the supplied “GPS viewer” software within the CE enviroment (Windows directory) it appears no signal is present. Therefore I can only assume the antenna is faulty or the CE configuration/driver for the GPS is incorrect. Please address this with some urgency as there are many people with the same problem.

    2) DVB-T : I am in New Zealand and have been informed that we use MPEG-4 format and not the MPEG-2 format listed in the specifications. I can scan for the tv channels with no problem but cannot view because of the wrong codec. IS IT POSSIBLE to simply change the driver/codec from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4? A very simple task for a standard computer but not sure for Windows CE.

    One last thing, in answer to the guy who wanted to know what the orange “BACK” wire is for; this is to connect to the “REVERSE” light of your car (if your using the reverse camera, else dont bother about it).


  62. Adrian September 21, 15:37

    Hi Tom,
    Please forward this and any enquiry to: support [@] chinavasion [.com]
    They will offer you the technical support that you require.

  63. Xavier June 25, 17:46

    i’m using a GPS as shown in the home page. The problem is i don’t have the driver CD for that. From wher i can download the drivers. i brought this GPS set from my friend. also i’m not able to add music and video files. i tried with
    a separate SD card copied with music and video files.

  64. Adrian August 4, 15:44

    Hi Xavier,

    Unfortunately we cannot offer support to people who bought Chinavasion products from a reseller.

    You can find and download GPS software from the internet.

    Thanks for the contact.

  65. Barry July 17, 10:53

    I have one of your 7″ GPS machines. I wish to instal my route 66 software. This guide doesn’t help because there is no Route66 exe file to point to on the SD disk. It is an installation disk with an autoexec.exe file and all the software in a .CAB file. The installation instructions from route66 say to just insert the SD card and the software will automatically instal. That doesn’t happen. What are the steps to manually install the software?

  66. Jacob Francis July 31, 17:25

    Mr. Gareth / any other person who can advise me

    I brought Model CVIO-CS21 gps pnd from chinavision. When i click Gps singal in settings, I am getting error “Can’t open GPS port!”. I have igo8 installed on this and when i try the settings GPS for “autodetect”, it scan all communication ports and giving me error “! GPS could not found”. Can you please help me on this ?. Do you think there is some techinical problem that the gps hardware damaged or is it any software or settings problem ?.

    Can anyone advise me on this. My email address is “



  67. Adrian August 2, 11:41

    Dear Jacob,

    Thanks for contacting Chinavasion. Sorry to hear about this issue.

    Please send this information to and they will offer you assistance within 24hrs.

    Please let us know if there’s anything else that we can help with.

    We hope this helps and you’re issue is solved quickly!

  68. arjan August 2, 19:39

    Hi, which tomtom version/ program do we have to use.. we tried tt7 for pda, but the road king does not recognize the cab files.. guess we do need an exe..


  69. Adrian August 4, 15:26

    Hi Arjan,

    Please send your question to: and they will help you within 24hrs.

    Thanks for the contact.

    Chinavasion Marketing

  70. Hamed September 24, 13:22

    Hi guys,

    I have just bought a smart gps mobile phone from chinavasion. I think this is the name of the product CVFD-M134.
    I live in Australia and unfortunately they dont have Australian map in this website. I am quite confused as how to find an Australian map for my mobile. Appreciate it if someone could help me.


  71. Adrian September 25, 10:01

    Hi Hamed,
    Have you checked:
    You can find more maps here.
    If not, please contact: support [@] chinavasion [.com]

  72. shay September 25, 19:12

    i buy this unit……it works good unthil i conect it to my pc……….
    since than it have a massage update done…..and it refuse to work……what shel i do ???

  73. Adrian September 27, 09:04

    Hi Shay,
    Sorry to hear about your difficulty.
    Customer Support will be able to offer you guidance.
    Please contact them at: support [@] chinavasion [.com]

  74. mauricio September 30, 11:07

    HI I just got my Road Nav GPS from you guys, but i’m having trouble set in up the route 66 gpd software I did all the process but is not working….also I thinkg the Bluetooh is not working on the device because I try to connect and icant’,…..can you help—

  75. Adrian October 6, 09:13

    Hi Mauricio,
    Please contact: support [@] chinavasion [.com] and they will help you with this issue asap.

  76. Kirsten January 21, 04:43

    I bought a GPS unit that was supposed to have software loaded. But it seems that the SD card was corrupt and I reformatted it FAT and now i can see the SD card under the Navi Path button. There were no files on my SD card, i checked with my PC prior to reformatting.

    Now, I am just testing software that i got of my other garmin GPS unit. If I was to buy software – what kind of file will get the unit working? Does it have to be a *.exe file? THe Manual for my unit said i should have “Navione.exe” to get it started.


  77. Kirsten January 21, 05:16

    I have been looking for Garmin software and Tomtom software online for my unlocked GPS. Their websites dont seem to have anything for sale except their devices AND maps to go with the devices. How do i get the navigation software? I am soooo lost.

  78. Valentin Chialda November 17, 17:50

    I bought GPS device CVGY-CS12 from ChinaVasion. I needed to replace the SD card.
    I installed new GPS softwares on 2GB SD card, but when I click on GPS icon, nothing happens.
    I saw that on other devices it asks for the executable path. Not in this case. Do you know what can be done ?
    Or there is an option to edit the path for the GPS icon ?


  79. xlxmarketing November 18, 13:36

    Hi Valentin,
    Could you please email our customer staff at with your order number? Your inquiry will be served in 24 hours! Thanks!

  80. Dave May 17, 07:19

    I hop somebody cane help me out there. i bought a GPS watch with a SOS botton. the modle number is CVNI-G170_2GEN i would like to how to set up the numbers in it . can anybody help me

  81. Ramadan Elkott June 18, 19:33

    dear Poul, I bought a gps H84-a13 from china, and bougt also an IGO EU map on ssd. I am not able to see this map in GPD. under setup I can see SSD obly but not able to see any applications. I can also reset the gps. I can’t see the new path as you mentioned in your discription. furthermore I can see all contents of ssd in my Windows laptop. Thanks

  82. gagan June 29, 10:39

    can gps be installed in bikes also….

  83. Jim June 23, 04:34


    I bought a rage 4.3 GPS (4gb) which arrived a couple of days ago. I have been trying to install the iGo8 European satnav maps to it but have not been able to. I’ve tried installing the micro SD card into the unit and use of the USB cable to upload the file to the device with no success. The navi path states “ResidentFlash\iGO8\iGO8.exe

    Can you help please?



  84. James Mash June 23, 09:29

    Hi Jim,
    Please contact our Customer service team who will be happy to help with this. You can submit an email to them from this page
    They will get back to you ASAP.

  85. VINOD October 27, 16:31

    HI Friends
    I have on Road master car DVD+GPS inbuilt system with out software ,could some one advice me which gps map will be able to work with my system
    OS —- WINCE5
    your kind reply will be highly appreciated

  86. James Mash October 29, 09:18

    Hi Vinod

    There are a number of GPS systems that work for WIN CE5 such as TomTom, iGO, Route66 to name but a few. It would be hard to make a suggestions as this depends on whether you would like free or paid for software and also what maps you would like to use etc. I would recommend taking a look at the forum and also as these are good resources listing software options and download links with a lot of helpful info and suggestions for navigation software.

    If you’ve got any more questions about the GPS reader you might want to send an email to our support staff at

  87. VINOD December 21, 15:56

    Dear James Mash
    Thanks for your kind response
    1,I will pay for the software
    2,I need map for India
    Thanks and rgds

  88. Ali January 28, 17:01

    Can i install it on my gps? I have gocruise and it uses windows embeded ce6.0

  89. April 14, 23:44

    Good evening i am located in cameroon and please i will need more infos about GPS i need to know if you guys can develop me a GPS system and the server witch i can register cars in my server and set the GPS in the car so as to monitor the cars where ever it goes i want to develop this system and build my company so that people can also register their cars in my company so that if the car is stolen we can check in our server to see the destination and the location where its located or where it stop please get back to me with more details

  90. oneill August 20, 16:37

    i can’t download the exe file or any map for the gps.,
    can you provide me download link

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