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20.9.2012. | 21:51

Android: Pocket, one of our favorite bookmark-and-read-later apps, just updated with a “Listen” feature that reads your saved articles out loud to you.

It’s hard to find time to read these days, but if you have a long commute or free time to listen to something, Pocket has you covered. The newest update uses Android’s built-in text-to-speech engine to read your articles out loud to you. You can choose the speed at which it reads, and it works with multiple languages. Sadly, Pocket says they have no plans to bring this feature to iOS, since it doesn’t have a speech-to-text engine that Pocket can use. Check out Pocket’s blog post below to read more, or head to the Google Play store to download the update.

>> Pocket | Google Play via Pocket Blog

20.9.2012. | 21:51
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  1. electronic gadget news September 25, 14:22

    That is very cool!

  2. Chandrachur Bose September 29, 05:24

    Very good product and also quite innovative.

  3. electronic reviews December 15, 18:03


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