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6.4.2006. | 16:15

This blog post started out as an FAQ from Chinavasion about whether buyers from China end up paying import taxes. For the current FAQs on import taxes click here. This post is now a dedicated discussion thread about Customs and Import taxes in every country.

Read through the comments below for some experienced importers’ advice, and add your own real life examples!

6.4.2006. | 16:15
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  1. Petersson January 18, 06:29

    Hi from Sweden! I have a company based on dropshipping and selling through my website. The worst thing that can happen is when the shipping company (DHL etc) charges my costumer the import tax when they pick up the package. So I signed up with DHL and got a account number. If Chinavasion writes my account number on the shipment air waybill, DHL vill charge my company for any vat or tax but deliver the package to my costumer. (I always choose DHL for shipping)
    Now I only have to get Chinavasion to write my DHL account number on the shipment air waybill. I hope we can find an understanding!

  2. Matcox February 16, 04:44

    When shipping in Slovenia You are free of any tax if your item value and post cost is under 22€. If amount is from 23- 150 € you have to pay 20% of VAT+ customs handling. For the 150- 700€ you have to pay import tax (I think is 2,5%, but NOT SURE) + VAT (20%)+ customs handling. Over 700€ you have to get Import declaration and Shipping service.

    Tnx for quick delivery :)

  3. david k September 1, 15:29


    Poseidon – Waterproof 720P HD Sports Action Video Camera with Remote Control.

    For the above product I always have to pay between £6 – £8 for customs is there a way to stop this from happening.

    Portable Multimedia DVD Player with 12 Inch LCD (16:9)

    For the above product one in three deliveries i will be asked to pay customs of between £6 – £8 there is no consistency and also no way of knowing why one product is being charged and not the other.


  4. E?lenceli oyunlar October 13, 17:41

    Thank you very much.

  5. Silvana February 17, 01:46

    Hi i need to know how to import from china to ecuador and how much are the taxes

  6. Shirley February 17, 11:35

    What kind of products do you want to import from China to your country?

  7. Rob January 20, 21:56

    Just received my parcel that I had paid €76.20 for and when it arrived in Spain the courier DHL wanted a further €28.36. This was made up of €10.21 importation tax plus a ridiculous management fee of €18.15!

  8. Luis Landini January 30, 11:02

    Hola a todos solo les pido me ayuden a aclarar unas dudas en cuanto al dropshipping. en mexico, se dice que la cuestion de impuestos es muy elevada. alguna persona de mexico puede compartir su experiencia en cuanto a la imprtacion, metodos de envio y sobre todo impuestos? de antemano un cordial saludo

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