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How to choose a rugged smartphone?

How to Choose a Ruggedized Durable Smartphone

The rugged phone is a mobile phone with dustproof, shockproof and waterproof function; it has been loved by young users who love outdoor sports. Besides regular functions: call, SMS, with its professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent anti-fall, anti-rolling performance, it can be competent for abominable climate conditions and special occasions. One should consider the below features while selecting a rugged smartphone. Also, we should not forget about the features such as waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, as explained above.

Battery: outdoor people often go out for one to two days or longer than 1week. There is no place for us to recharge in outdoor, our regular phone will need to be charged after a morning usage. The best rugged phones should have long standby time, whenever you are in need, you don’t have to look everywhere for a power bank.

Signal: In mountains or jungle, the signal is relatively weak or completely no signal, the ability of the ordinary phone to receive signals is weaker. A good rugged phone, in addition, to have good protection, the connection is the most important, and we hope to make calls in some places where the signal is very weak.

Camera: When traveling, the greatest pleasure is, of course, the beauty of nature. In order to record the beautiful scenery and happy moment, we can’t take out our heavy camera to take every picture seriously. So we need a phone that can take high-quality pictures and videos. There are many outdoor brands on the market, select one according to your requirements for camera performance.

Walkie-talkie: The leader of the outdoor tour isn’t unfamiliar to it. When working at outdoors, we need to communicate with partners in real time. A rugged phone with interphone function will reduce your carrying weight instead of taking extra walkie talkie.

Flashlight: The flashlight is indispensable equipment for outdoor, but when the flashlight beside us runs out of power, at least the phone can turn on the flashlight mode for emergency use.

Price: There are a lot of brands and many kinds of prices, which are cheap and expensive. You should purchase one according to your own frequency and range of functions. Because there are some expensive rugged phones, they have countless features, but we may not be able to go out for a long time and use very little. It’s not a good deal.

About Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

The features inherent in Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active can serve as a kind of template, illustrating five key points to look for when choosing a smartphone with your active employees in mind. With built-in security, long battery life and other top-shelf features, the Galaxy S8 Active is more than just a sturdy workhorse. This rugged phone is now the most durable version of one of the top mobile devices in the market. Here’s why:

1. Rugged specs-Rugged devices should meet technical standards for durability, including MIL-STD-810G spec and IP68 certification. Developed by the Department of Defense, military-grade testing or MIL-SPEC defines the survivability of devices under the harshest conditions. To investigate the durability of the Galaxy S8 Active, researchers put the devices through a 26-drop trial from five feet. The design also incorporates a two-layer screen that includes Gorilla Glass 5 and a polycarbonate outer layer, as well bumper provides shock protection.

2. Battery life-Whether it’s on the factory floor or out on a job in the field, battery life is a perennial most important criterion for business users of mobile devices. The Galaxy S8 Active delivers with the largest battery available on a Samsung smartphone, at 4000mAh, combined with fast wireless charging.

3. Security– Every smartphone ought to have built-in security that enhances the work-life balance. Samsung Knox provides strong hardware-based security and can combine with the add-on Knox Manage EMM or Knox Configure tool to give enterprise administrators maximum control over device security. The Galaxy S8 Active’s built-in biometric authentication features, including iris scanning, ensure even greater security.

4. Camera-A rugged phone should have top-shelf amenities to support users who need to capture quality photos or video in the field. The Galaxy S8 Active’s specs tell that story: 12-megapixel Dual DP f/1.7, OIS and LED flash on the rear, and 8-megapixel with autofocus on the front.

5. An expandable memory-Another key feature, Galaxy S8 Active delivers 64GB internal RAM plus up to 256GB microSD support. This makes it suitable for high-intensity data applications and provides expandable computing power while employees are out of the office.

6. Flexible workflow-Does the device allow the user to easily transfer work back and forth between mobile and desktop environments? With Samsung DeX on board, the Galaxy S8 Active becomes an extension of the desktop: Dock the smartphone into a DeX station to access a complete desktop experience. For functions like word processing or accessing virtual desktops, this ability to go large adds versatility to the smartphone platform, boosting productivity and letting mobile workers easily transition back into the office.

 What other features should people be looking for?

Glove Touch: A touch screen is pretty awesome, but not if you have to take off your work gloves every time you use your phone. Look out for mobiles that will register touch through gloves or material.

Bezel Style: A good rugged phone will have a raised bezel or ‘frame’ around the screen because this protrudes above the screen itself it helps to protect that display in case you drop your phone.

SOS Button: If you’re planning on using your phone out in the wilderness or whilst doing something like rock climbing, an SOS button may be an advantage. This connects directly to emergency services giving your location, meaning help will arrive faster when you need it.

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