Touchless Tablet Interaction with Brainwave Technology

🕔14:29, 22.Apr 2013

  Amazing concept under development by one of the biggest companies in the world. It would be a next big step in the tablet and cellphones industry, a breakthrough we

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Chinavasion Weekly New Products Roundup – Week 61

🕔17:37, 19.Apr 2013

Rugged Design Mobile Phone Outdoor LED Flashlight Game Hunting Camera Heart Rate Monitor Watch Android 4.2 HD Phone Android 4.1 Dual Core TV Dongle Android 4.1 Dual Core Mini TV

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Chinese Huawei Plans to Recruit 5,500 in Europe

🕔16:45, 19.Apr 2013

The Chinese telecom provider Huawei plans to recruit 5500 stuff in Europe in the next five years. And in the meanwhile, its major European competitors are laying off. Previously, France

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360 Report: Beijing Internet Speed is Faster Than Hong Kong

🕔15:13, 19.Apr 2013

Qihoo 360, a Chinese software company known for its antivirus software (360 Safeguard) and web browser (360 Browsers) yesterday released a report namely “2013’s first quarter of China’s Internet speed

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Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Rumor Roundup

🕔10:50, 19.Apr 2013

    Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Rumor Roundup Android has been growing steady the past 6 years. After the original beta version of Android launched in November 2007, we’ve

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New security measure introduced by Microsoft

🕔10:30, 19.Apr 2013

Microsoft has laid bare its plans for a single log-in with enhanced security across its suite of Xbox and Windows services, as well as other apps owned by the company. The

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Best Google Chrome Games

🕔09:39, 19.Apr 2013

  The Chrome Web Store offers a lot more than just a healthy dose of extensions, themes, and other nifty apps. It also houses an impressive collection of games that

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Yahoo! to Shut Down Its Mail Service in China on August 19, 2013

🕔14:06, 18.Apr 2013

Frankly speaking, it’s a bit sudden. Who may have thought that Yahoo China, the old email service would leave the Chinese market by this way? Anyway, what we can do

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Chinavasion’s Choice: CinemaX – 3D HD Video Projector With DLP, 1200×800 Resolution, 1000:1 Contrast, 120 Inch Projection

🕔11:49, 18.Apr 2013

Bring a true 3D video experience to your living room with the “CinemaX” HD DLP Video projector. Projecting your movies up to a 120 Inch wide and in true 3D, you’ll

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New Emoticons for Facebook Chat

🕔17:45, 17.Apr 2013

Sharing complicated emotions on Facebook was almost impossible until now. Here, an exclusive conversation with the features designers. Facebook is unparalleled for sharing photos of our vacation or a child’s first steps. All of

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