What is Dual Zone?

What is Dual Zone?

🕔20:49, 26.Jul 2012

This question may cross your mind when the time has come to replace your old or too simple stock car stereo with a top of the line, fully featured car

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Today’s Tech & Gadget Videos: Android Tablet “Pearl”, Drum Sticks, MP3 Player Headband

🕔14:14, 26.Jul 2012

Gaming Android Tablet PC “Pearl” – 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen This latest 7 inch Android 2.3 tablet with A9 CPU and touchscreen hybrid gaming capabilities, together with 360 degree

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How to set up Face Unlock on your Android phone | Android Central

🕔14:38, 25.Jul 2012

Here is a way to secure your android 4.0 and up android phone or tablet.  Face recognition should be built into all base 4.0 and up devices,  giving you that

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Qualcomm Gives A Look Into The Near Future For Tablet Hardware

🕔09:56, 25.Jul 2012

Qualcomm is now offering its first quad core chipset and for ‘only’ $1299 developers can get their hands on an actual tablet with that S4 Pro hardware.     This

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Severe typhoon hits Hong Kong

🕔10:50, 24.Jul 2012

Hong Kong and Shenzhen have just been battered by hurricane force winds and massive rains. Our Hong Kong office will be temporarily closed on Tuesday 24th July, because of local

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Apple Inc Has To Publish Ads, “Samsung Didn’t Copy iPad” in UK

🕔10:24, 24.Jul 2012

This amusing article dreams up some text which Apple could use in their apology ads, which they are being forced to publish on their UK site to confirm that Samsung

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Power Pwn: This DARPA-funded power strip will hack your network | ZDNet

🕔10:16, 23.Jul 2012

For a bit over 1000 USD, “you can just plug in and do a full-scale penetration test from start to finish” — No, it’s not a luxury love hotel in

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UPDATE: Launched: Awesome Android Tablet PC and Game Console Hybrid…

🕔18:07, 20.Jul 2012

Our most anticipated tablet yet releases on the 23rd of this month! It not only takes Chinavasion into a new category of quality, but also value for money!

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Firefox 14 Released for Android Devices

🕔09:55, 20.Jul 2012

Firefox for Android phones has been available in version 14 since June 26th 2012, here are some useful introductions: Main Firefox for Android page Cool video illustrating the sync function

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How to Create a Successful Online Business in a Recession | Drop Ship Access

🕔15:25, 19.Jul 2012

Here’s a nice article focusing online sellers and dropship vendors on how to make the most out of negative consumer trends. The section about value-added and value for money is

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