Get 3G Mobile Technology Onto Your Laptop, How 3G USB Modems Can Keep You Connected

🕔17:26, 31.Oct 2008

Fast and cheap internet access is getting ….

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Santa Remote Helicopter Could Ban The After-Dinner Blues This Christmas

🕔09:24, 31.Oct 2008

Few things get kids and their parents involved more around the holidays than remote control toys, here’s a remote control helicopter that’s right in the Christmas holiday spirit and should keep the young and young at heart happy for hours. What better electronic wholesale Christmas toy could you stock as a reseller or Christmas shop owner to …

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New Christmas USB Flash Drives Have Online Christmas Shop Owners Wholesale Christmas Needs Covered

🕔17:52, 30.Oct 2008

Ho Ho Ho just turned into Ho Ho wholesale with these new Christmas USB gadgets, a cool xmas take on ….

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Wholesale Solar Powered Lights, Pest Control With Solar Power

🕔18:40, 28.Oct 2008

Solar powered garden lights are pretty cool but how cool would it be if you could use them for pest control as well, like some kind of solar-powered superhero? Now you might have…

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New DVB Car DVD Player Lets You Watch DVB-T On The Road

New DVB Car DVD Player Lets You Watch DVB-T On The Road

🕔18:57, 27.Oct 2008

Who said wholesale electronic makers weren’t ready for the digital changeover? Here’s a car DVD player with a DVB receiver that’ll …

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Bluetooth Car Kit Keeps The Hands On The Wheel No Matter The Ride

🕔14:04, 24.Oct 2008

The fun police have arrived and they want your cellphones to be off when you drive. There’s enough permanently-installed kits out on the marketplace now to help out anybody with their own ride but if you happen to be using two cars then you got trouble… Thankfully there’s a gadget out on the market now to get around that, the easy mp3 car kit, it’ll even let you use….

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Slider Cell Phone Lets People Get Their Game On

🕔03:25, 22.Oct 2008

When was the last time you made a phone call from your PSP or Gameboy? When was the last time you played a good a good, addictive game on your cellphone (and no, hungry snake doesn’t count)? A new phone has just hit the market that’ll let gamers get their NES on while still being able to make calls and do everything a cell phone will let them do. The multimedia twin slide gaming mobile phone even has ……

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Flip Phone Gives You A little LED Bling To Go With Your Ring

🕔17:17, 21.Oct 2008

Everyone wants a phone that’ll share a little bit of themselves with the world. Here’s a phone for those people who like their world to come with a little flava. The clamshell touchscreen cell phone doesn’t only give you bells and whistles when someone calls it gives you lights as well.

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Multimedia Mobile Is Good Watch, Better To Hold

🕔18:11, 20.Oct 2008

When was the last time you were at a movie and thought to yourself ‘this movie would look great in a portrait format’? The makers of the clam and sideflip combo cellphone may have figured out the publics general dislike for media in screens taller than they are wide with their latest design of clamshell phone.

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LED Showerhead Lights Up Your Shower Experience

🕔14:46, 20.Oct 2008

Who hasn’t done the shower hop? The move you do when the shower alternates between freezing cold and boiling hot. There’s a gadget now to put some color to the water, so it’ll match the ‘colorful phrases’ you use, the LED color-changing shower head.

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