Wireless Dental Camera, Getting Up Close And Personal With Your Teeth

🕔18:22, 31.Jul 2008

There’s only one sound that’s worse than the sound of the dentists pump sucking the saliva from your over-secreting glads… and that’s the sound of the dentist inhaling when they see the inside of your mouth (although the scream you make when you see the bill could run a close third). Find out what the story is before you hear that sound with Chinavasion’s wireless dental camera with USB and AV inputs and share the ‘beauty’ of your mouth with your friends or family.

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Electronic Digital Caliper, Accurate Measurements No Matter What

🕔13:12, 30.Jul 2008

So, someone has questioned the accuracy of your measurements. Sort them out with the stainless steel electronic digital caliper. Because digital readouts don’t lie.

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1DIN Car DVD With Dual Display, It’s Always Better With Two

🕔14:34, 28.Jul 2008

There’s not much sweeter than a car DVD player when it comes to adding value to your ride. But it seems that most of the car DVD players all look the same and have the same features. Here’s a player that breaks the mold. The one din car dvd player with touchscreen and dual screen display, a DVD player that doesn’t just give you dual screens it completely reinvents the dual screen concept.

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China News Round-Up, The Great Economic Guessing Game

China News Round-Up, The Great Economic Guessing Game

🕔14:08, 27.Jul 2008

Want to know where the Chinese economy is right now? You’re not alone half of the businessmen, economists and world leaders are asking themselves the same question. Read on to find out more about the confusion and a new regulation set to hit exporters where it hurts… again.

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Multimedia LCD Projector with TV Tuner, The Ultimate Big Flat Screen

🕔12:11, 24.Jul 2008

Back in January, everyone went gaga over Toshiba’s 150-inch plasma TV. Fast forward to today, and, with the VGA multimedia LCD projector with TV tuner you’ve now got a way to get 150 inches of entertainment into your home without having your gold card cut up or your power bill hit seven digits

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GPS Tracker, Know Where Your Kids Are And Know That They’re Safe

🕔14:53, 23.Jul 2008

Parents heard the news? Some scientists are saying that giving your child a cell phone might be a bit of a health risk and with the issues of cell phone addiction and SMS bullying raising their ugly head there’s now a big downside to giving your child a cell phone to keep track of them. Thankfully there’s now a gps tracker with a microphone which will give you the ability to check that your child is safe without taking on any of the risks now attached to cellphone use.

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Scart DVB-T Receiver, Gives You The Digital Hookups On Analog TV

🕔12:55, 22.Jul 2008

. Are you ready for it? With the scart dvbt receiver we’ve got the tools to make sure your old analog TV can keep up with the pace.

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Multimedia Mobile Phone with Lights, Putting The Funk Into Functional

🕔20:23, 21.Jul 2008

Take a Personal Media Player that’ll handle most codecs, mash it with a phone that’ll take two SIMs and work in most regions and throw in a dazzling LED display and what do you get…the funky dual sim touchscreen multimedia mobile phone with lights, the coolest in competitively priced multimedia phones.

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Retro Flip Clock, The Gift Of Time

🕔12:36, 19.Jul 2008

Are you looking for the ultimate timepiece for your desk? Want something that’s a little different from the generic clock but also want something you can stamp as your own? Then you can’t go any further than the retro flip clock. The clock guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

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Chinavasion On The World Wide Web, EBay Rounding Up Sellers

Chinavasion On The World Wide Web, EBay Rounding Up Sellers

🕔12:34, 18.Jul 2008

EBay live has finished and the news is out….the site doesn’t want to share its sellers…. with ANYONE. Click on this link to find out what the results of the eBay Live conference were…

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