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Touchscreen Cellphone With Built-In Answer Phone, Serious Business Phone, Serious Savings

🕔17:50, 11.Jun 2008

Don’t miss out on important calls any more. Here at Chinavasion we’ve just come out with a cell phone guaranteed to catch all of your calls that comes in for a price that is sure to surprise you.

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Bigscreen TV Phone, Beat The Boredom Blues

🕔12:20, 7.Jun 2008

Why be bored on that long commute? See Chinavasion’s new unlocked TV phone for the latest in entertainment technology.

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Brilliant Bluetooth Bracelet, Get Your Hands On The Buzz

🕔19:48, 6.Jun 2008

Want to be kept up to date with who’s calling but don’t want to disturb anybody? Then you absolutely need to check out this bluetooth bracelet. The latest in discreet bluetooth technology

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Special Edition Mobile Phone Wrist Watch, Get Your Pockets Back

🕔11:51, 3.Jun 2008

Want to see the latest in cutting edge mobile phone technology? Then you need to see this special watch phone with features and technologies that have never been seen before.

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Touchscreen Mobile With TV Player, Kiss Boredom Goodbye

🕔12:41, 2.Jun 2008

Want to see the latest in TV phone technology? You’ve found it, a flip phone that can easily provide hours of entertainment.

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Dual Chip Touchscreen Multimedia Mobile — Combine Work And Play

🕔17:37, 27.May 2008

If you love touchscreen cell phones then you’re going to love this model. A touchscreen phone that doesn’t cost the earth but weighs in with a whole lot of features as well.

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Touchscreen MP4 Players — Music To The Pocket And The Ears

🕔00:04, 27.May 2008

Looking for a touchscreen MP4 that is a little different? Then you’ve found it… here’s a MP4 that looks so good you can’t help but want to hold it.

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Chewing Gum Spy Camera — Spy Gadgets Go To The Next Level

🕔09:51, 25.May 2008

Here’s a spy gadget Maxwell Smart would love to get hold of, although he’d probably end up trying to eat it. Click here to learn more about one of Chinavasion most popular gadgets of all time, the chewing gum camera.

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Downloader’s Dream: The All-In-One Solution To Play, Backup and Manage Your Media

🕔22:00, 21.May 2008

How would you like to keep all of your Simpsons, X-Files and Seinfeld episodes all in one place? Of course you would. Click here to find out how to do just that with one of our brand new HDD enclosures that will blow your socks off.

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Bluetooth Mouse, Get Your Mouse To Go Where You Want It To

🕔18:52, 19.May 2008

There’s bluetooth mice that just attach to the computer, we’ve all seen those. But here’s something we haven’t seen before EVER. A bluetooth mouse that will also successfully pair with wireless PS3 controllers. How’s that for the gamer in your life?

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