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Chinavasion’s Choice: CinemaX – 3D HD Video Projector With DLP, 1200×800 Resolution, 1000:1 Contrast, 120 Inch Projection

🕔11:49, 18.Apr 2013

Bring a true 3D video experience to your living room with the “CinemaX” HD DLP Video projector. Projecting your movies up to a 120 Inch wide and in true 3D, you’ll

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My Experience With The Android 4.0 TV + PC Box “EZTV” Plus A Wireless Motion Mouse

🕔16:43, 17.Apr 2013

On April 17th 2013 I decided to purchase a product I have had an interest in for a while. I have always been a fan of Android and have ventured

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Light Up the Dance Floor With This Sexy LED “Maria” Boob Tube

🕔11:05, 17.Apr 2013

Don’t be caught wearing the same outfit as anyone else in the club, instead flaunt your covers and light them up with this sexy “Maria” Boob Tube. Rock and roll

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Deal Of The Week – “Gladiator” 2-DIN Car DVD Player With DVB-T, GPS And Bluetooth

🕔15:28, 15.Apr 2013

Only 9 days left to get this deal of the week! If you feel very bored when driving, the “Gladiator” budget Car DVD Player will help you to make your

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Google Helps You to Plan Your Digital Afterlife

🕔16:49, 12.Apr 2013

Our digital life has become more and more important to us that we wouldn’t be able to live without it anymore. Photographs of friends and loved ones, email correspondences, and

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Live By The Bushido Code With This Japanese Style Inspired Red LED Watch “Iron Samurai”

🕔11:31, 10.Apr 2013

Serve in close attendance to the nobility with this Japanese style inspired red LED watch the “Iron Samurai”. The “Iron Samurai” has been known to increase its wearers’ strength, dexterity,

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Proudly Announcing the Winners of Chinavasion’s 2013 March Sweepstakes!

🕔15:59, 8.Apr 2013

We held our fourth round Chinavasion Sweepstakes from 6, Feb 2013 to 5, March 2013. We were very happy to see that many gadget lovers entered and we were absolutely

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Deal Of The Week – Car GPS Tracker With Dual-SIM GSM

🕔15:40, 8.Apr 2013

10 days left to get this deal of the week! If you are considering purchasing a budget friendly car GPS tracker, this Dual-SIM GSM Car GPS Tracker will definitely meet

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Robotic Arms that Can Complete Tasks on Their Own

🕔18:54, 5.Apr 2013

DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is developing an autonomous robotic arm that requires only simple commands to performs complex tasks, like changing a tire or defusing explosive devices.

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Facebook’s Latest Android Advancement

🕔10:55, 5.Apr 2013

Facebook again is doing things we wish we had thought of first. The latest innovation by Mark Zuckerburg is a software hat is specifically designed for the Android platform. The

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