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MP4 Converters: Get The Most Out Of Your MP4

🕔12:07, 26.Feb 2008

Chinavasion MP4 Player gadgets   Solar-powered MP4 players, MP3 sunglasses, MP4 watches, MP3 players that work underwater and recording sunglasses with MP4 receivers…it’s incredible what China is producing in the

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Wintery Blast Starts Off Ratty Year

🕔17:53, 14.Feb 2008

Welcome to the Year of The Rat! The Chinavasion office, like most Chinese businesses, reopened today after a long Chinese New Year break. There are very few countries that close

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Wishing Everybody A Happy Year Of The Rat

🕔15:48, 2.Feb 2008

As 2007, the year of the pig, draws to a close China electronics wholesaler, Chinavasion would like to thank all its suppliers and importers for helping the company flourish and

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China Export Prices Skyrocket, Electronics Still Competitive

China Export Prices Skyrocket, Electronics Still Competitive

🕔15:27, 2.Feb 2008

  Bang the gongs, sound the siren and tell the last one out to close the door, China will no longer be the treasure trove of cheap tee shirts and

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Car DVD Players, Chinavasion’s QC ‘Sets The Bar’

Car DVD Players, Chinavasion’s QC ‘Sets The Bar’

🕔14:09, 22.Jan 2008

If somebody told you they worked for a Chinese manufacturer you would probably think their firm was a massive company that produced items for one or two customers and did

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Car DVD Or Swiss Army Knife?

🕔12:50, 21.Jan 2008

New Car DVD Player Gadget From China Click the product photo below to get more details about this product:   High Powered Car DVD Motorized Player – Touchscreen + Bluetooth

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1.4 Billion People Are Going On Vacation!

🕔11:27, 9.Jan 2008

It’s that time of year again, when all the people in China go on vacation, eat and drink non-stop for two weeks, and set off so many firecrackers the country

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Update: MP4 Player Prices And Flash Memory News

🕔16:20, 14.Aug 2007

UPDATE!  Thank goodness! Flash prices are finally back to normal now by the second week of September. Who knows how long these volatile flash memory prices will remain low –

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Latest points of interest in China Business News:

🕔19:24, 27.Apr 2007


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TOM Out of Tune (The Motley Fool)

🕔10:00, 19.Mar 2007

TOM Out of Tune (The Motley Fool) The soon-to-be-acquired wireless operator strikes a sour note in China.

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