BrillianTab — The One Tablet That’s As Brilliant As Albert Einstein

Author xlxmarketing 21.9.2011. | 12:06

Of all the hundreds of products I’ve tested since I started working in Chinavasion, the BrillianTab CVAK-PC12 is my favorite. From its clean design, fast response, to its large 4GB internal flash memory, every bit of it rivals any other tablets on the market. If you can’t afford an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, the BrillianTab is certainly your best alternative.

To write the product, I had to do some research to find out how good this tablet really is. So I brought it home with me to play a little while. At first sight, my roommate doubted that this was an unbranded tablet. The tab feels quite comfortable in the hand, with a solid and slim build. Colors are rich and vibrant on the screen as well.

Android 2.3 Tablet

We turned on the WiFi and it immediately caught our apartment’s WiFi signal. I checked my Gmail, it loaded pretty fast. Watching videos on Youtube was a bit slow, only because it was visited by millions of people at the moment. By logging on to my Google account I downloaded the free Angry Birds quickly.

Android 2.3 Tablet

Now Angry Birds, in my opinion, is the best way to test a Tablet’s responsiveness. If the slingshot responds to your command and positions just as you want, and the bird shoots out smoothly (but not like the slow-motioned playback of a gymnast’s movement in the Olympics), then you can say the screen works alright. So how was BrillianTab’s performance? I gave it a 9.99.

How about the camera? 1600×1200 still photo resolution is actually not bad, at least more than enough for video chatting with friends. Internal memory? Checked. It got 4GB space to store hundreds of songs and if that’s not enough, it supports external micro SD card up to 32GB. It also reads files directly from external memory cards or USB drive.

I feel glad that I did not spend three times more money on an iPad that’s just slightly better than the BrillianTab. Thankfully, with the company’s internal employee discount, I can buy it at an even lower price. I would really recommend this tablet to our blog readers, whether you buy it for personal use or resale. Wherever you are, order now, you will be able to get it within just a few days. Also comes with our one year product warranty.

Author xlxmarketing 21.9.2011. | 12:06
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  1. fahad November 26, 12:46

    how much the cost? how long it will take to arrive and is it support arabic language?

  2. xlxmarketing Author November 30, 10:28

    Hi Fahad,
    Please check the product spec from here :
    And you will see the shipping cost in the check-in system.
    Thank you

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