The Top Eight Most Significant Apple Products

Author xlxmarketing 15.9.2011. | 10:14

By Shirley Shi

As we all know the biggest news that happened in the US Silicon Valley last month was that Apple Inc Co-Founder and former CEO Steve Jobs resigned because of his declining health.

Admittedly, his departure marks the end of an era. All the successes of his entire life have been due to innovative thinking and achievements, which in turn have helped Steve Jobs to create a lasting legacy.

Fundamentally, Jobs’ products have transformed the whole design culture of the world in the areas of computer technology, art and telecommunication,etc.

Below are Steve Jobs’ eight most significant products which incorporate beautiful and user friendly designs into Apple’s high-end technology.

1. Apple II (1977)

The Apple II was designed by Steve Wozniak and then mass produced by Apple Company in 1977. It is the first computer made with a plastic shell exterior.

Apple II

2. Macintosh (1984)

The invention of the Apple Macintosh is a huge achievement, created by both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It is a consumer computer equipped with a mouse and graphical user interface which provided much more convenience when inputting data.


3. Pixar (1986)

Pixar is not a product. It was originally a small animation studio that Jobs bought from LucasFilm in the following year after he was fired by Apple in 1985. “Toy Story”, a well known animated movie that succeeded in winning three Academy Awards in 1995,brought success to Mr Jobs and his Pixar studio an important platform on the entertainment industry.


4. Mac OS X (2001)

X is a Roman number for ten; it is the 10th version of Apple core operating system. The multi-function feature has a lot in common with iOS which is native operating system found on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Mac OS X

5. iTunes (2001)

If you have iTunes, then you have everything you need to be entertained. It provides people with a convenient way of downloading content such as new music and applications easily and automatically.


6. iPod (2001)

The introduction of the iPod not only marked a historic turning point but forever changed people’s habit of listening music.


7. iPhone (2007)

iPhone is arguably the most significant victory that Apple Inc has achieved so far. We all know that iPhone has four generations and each of them always attracts very strong demand! Anticipation for the iPhone 5 is intense.

iPhone 4

8. iPad (2010)

By the end of 2010, the iPad accounted for 75% of the tablet market, leading to yet another incredible outcome for Apple Inc.


Author xlxmarketing 15.9.2011. | 10:14
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